findU needs your help!

findU continues to be immensely popular, currently getting more than 1.5 million hits a day. Hosting a web site of of this size is quite a task, and while one server is hosted in a donated site the other is hosted in a commercial datacenter.

I last asked for donations in December 2013, more than 2 years ago but I must ask again. Both servers were replaced with your donations combined with Google revenues paying for most, but not all of the over $10,000 cost. A server capable of handling findU is not like the average computer -- eight cores, 8 disk SAS RAID array, and 32 GB of RAM in a rack-mounted case with redundant power supplies and ethernet interfaces.

These servers face an unbelievable load 24/7 and they wear out quickly, three to four years is about the best I've been able to achieve. Once I covered the costs for findU out of my own pocket, but now that I'm retired I must ask for your help. Google ad revenue continues to decline because I refuse to go the route of intrusive video ads and pop-ups. I need your help with the expense of the the ongoing hosting fee and to begin preparing for the next server replacement cycle. I'm worried at least one of the servers may need replacement soon. It shut itself down without explanation in December, and has restarted twice without any explanation in the logs. I paid for a service visit but extensive hardware checks failed to reveal a problem. Unfortunately these random reboots are especially bad for the database as I often have to clear out data tables because repair would take days. I'm not reboot manually every few days in the hope whatever the problem is it can be [revented by frequent reboots.

I wish I did not need to beg for donations, it very much goes against my grain. Times are tough for everyone, and I am very thankful that I am better off than most. I have donated thousands of hours of my time to APRS and findU, I'll continue to do that. findU is my baby, and I want to keep it available. I simply cannot jeopardize my financial future any longer, findU must pay its own way now.

If you are able to give, even a little, please consider doing so. Thousands of people use findU, if each donated $10 I would not need to ask for money for years. And if you are not able to help, please do not feel bad about it.

If you do wish to give, you can use this button, or PayPal to If you prefer to mail a check, you may do so at

Steve Dimse
189 Le Grand Lane
Cudjoe Key, FL 33042

Thank you! Steve Dimse K4HG