Real time observations from your home weather station can be of great interest to the many people across the country who share your interest in the weather. These data are also of interest to NOAA and your weather data will be included on the NOAA Mesonet Dataset and distributed to user organizations.

1. Amateur Radio Operators

If you are an amateur radio operator sending APRS weather data to findU, you can join APRSWXNET/CWOP with an e-mail here with your callsign, nearby town, zip code, and elevation in meters (not feet). Amateur radio operators don't need a CW/DW number.

2. Citizen Weather Observers

A discussion on getting started in CWOP is available and has links to numerous resources.

After you have sent data packets to CWOP over the internet, check that your data are successfully reaching the server by entering into your browser, where DWxxxx is your CW/DW designator. You can also check to see if your packets have been received, at Packet Checking. If your plotted location on the findU map is correct, send an e-mail to giving your CW/DW designator and ask to be registered so your data can flow to NOAA.

Further information on the data packets and how to send them is available in the CWOP Frequently Asked Questions.

To obtain a DW designation number, fill out this form.


This is a listing of links with useful information related to joining APRSWXNET/CWOP.

If you have questions, send them
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