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9Y4D-8 XE3N-1 05/05 04:30:12z Reply see you on the next go around ,thanks 73 =/IxJa&
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 05/05 04:29:09z Send another XE3ARV,K4HG-8,9Y4D-8
XE3ARV XE3N-1 05/05 04:27:54z Reply igualmente !{41
XE3ARV XE3N-1 05/05 04:27:16z Reply 73s Zalo {40
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 05/04 15:05:12z Send another XE3N-2,W9QO,WA0D-12,K5DNA,N5DGK-9,NA1SS,WG4K
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 05/04 15:03:49z Send another XE3N-2,W9QO,WA0D-12,K5DNA,N5DGK-9,NA1SS
K5DNA XE3N-1 05/04 15:02:40z Reply 73s from EM35{25
K4KDR-6 XE3N-1 05/04 05:18:19z Reply QSL - 73!!
XE1DM XE3N-1 05/03 15:51:56z Reply saludos via ISS {14
KB2M-4 XE3N-1 05/03 15:51:52z Reply 73
KB2M-4 XE3N-1 05/03 15:51:34z Reply good morning fr el99
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 05/03 15:50:06z Send another WA0D-12,N1UW,KB2M-4,KB6LTY-3,NA1SS,K3MRV-7,XE1DM
9Y4D-8 XE3N-1 05/03 14:19:41z Reply Good to see you via the ISS and thanks much=/IxJa&
9Y4D-8 XE3N-1 05/03 14:19:10z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
9Y4D-8 XE3N-1 05/03 04:27:32z Reply thanks much
9Y4D-8 XE3N-1 05/03 04:26:15z Reply AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MI
XE1DM XE3N-1 05/02 16:41:16z Reply saludos 73{13
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 05/02 16:40:02z Send another WG4K
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 05/02 16:38:35z Send another KB6LTY-3,WA6RLR-3,N7NEV-6,K0PHP,XE1DM,N1UW
WA6RLR-3 XE3N-1 05/02 16:37:58z Reply DM13ek in San Clemente, CA
K0PHP XE3N-1 05/02 16:37:45z Reply k0php@arrl.net Hello...
9Y4D-8 XE3N-1 05/02 15:05:53z Reply AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS WOULD BE MY GUESS.: =/Ix
AI4LL-6 XE3N-1 05/02 15:05:18z Reply HELLO FROM EM97XA JACK IN VA VIA ISS
W4BCX-3 XE3N-1 05/02 15:05:06z Reply HELLO FROM MELBOURNE FL
K4KDR-6 XE3N-1 05/02 06:51:58z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
9Y4D-8 XE3N-1 05/01 15:55:34z Reply AT 17500 MPH I SHOULD SEE YOU IN 90 MINS WOULD BE MY GUESS.:
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 05/01 15:53:23z Send another NA1SS,N1RCN,KC2BRB-2,NY3W-6,N5DGK-9
N1RCN XE3N-1 05/01 15:52:36z Reply de n1rcn via ISS
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 05/01 15:52:24z Send another NA1SS,N1RCN,KC2BRB-2,NY3W-6
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/2 05/01 15:52:22z Send another XE3ISS-9,KU5D-6,W4BCX-3,K5DNA,WA0D-12,K3RRR,K4HG-8,KB3AWQ-10,
PU2LYJ-15 XE3N-1 05/01 15:50:54z Reply EM
PU2LYJ-15 XE3N-1 05/01 15:50:50z Reply rejQ
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 05/01 15:50:44z Send another NA1SS,N1RCN,KC2BRB-2
XE3N-1 BLN0QSLs 04/30 16:41:14z Send another K4HG-8,KM4FZA-6,KE4AZZ-9,W5MLM-6
XE3N-1 N1RCN 04/30 16:38:49z Send another Hello OM, QSL Tu 73's
XE3N-1 BLN0QSLs 04/30 16:37:37z Send another KC7MG-9,KB6LTY-3,N1UW,WA0D-12,N1RCN,KC5TT-6,NA1SS,WA4SXM-6,
XE3N-1 BLN0QSLs 04/30 16:35:59z Send another K4HG-8
XE3ARV XE3N-1 04/29 17:25:05z Reply el gusto es mio {29
KB2M-4 XE3N-1 04/29 17:23:26z Reply good afternoon fr el99
XE3ARV XE3N-1 04/29 17:22:51z Reply saludos zalo !!{28
9Z4DZ-2 XE3N-1 04/28 16:42:59z Reply Have a wonderful day, 73 de 9Z4DZ
XE3N-1 BLN0QSLs 04/28 16:38:11z Send another XE3N-2,K4SHP-2,WA0D-12,KI4ASK-7,N1RCN,NY3W-6,W4BAE-9,K4HG-8,NA1SS
K5DNA XE3N-1 04/28 16:37:07z Reply 73s from EM35{95
XE3N-1 XE3ARV 04/25 17:25:25z Send another Saludos, 73's
KG4WOJ XE3N-1 04/25 09:14:35z Reply good morning back to you{12
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/25 07:30:37z Send another USNAP1-1
KE4AZZ XE3N-1 04/24 19:46:07z Reply de KE4AZZ via International Space Station
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/24 19:44:44z Send another WA0D-12,NA1SS,KC7MG-9,W5MLM-6,KB6LTY-3,K3RRR,KE4AZZ,6D2A,K4HG-8
6D2A XE3N-1 04/24 19:44:07z Reply TU FER CALL DL55{73
KC7MG-9 XE3N-1 04/24 19:43:58z Reply ACK Thank you and best 73 from grid DM42
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/24 19:43:33z Send another WA0D-12,NA1SS,KC7MG-9,W5MLM-6,KB6LTY-3,K3RRR,KE4AZZ
KC7MG-9 XE3N-1 04/24 19:42:56z Reply ACK Thanks and 73 from Grid DM42
KB6LTY-3 XE3N-1 04/24 19:42:35z Reply HELLO QSL?? 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/24 09:53:07z Send another KE4AZZ,PSAT,K4HG-8,USNAP1-1,HK3CFM,NA1SS,YB0X-1,WV5Y-7
XE3N-1 HK3CFM 04/23 19:00:53z Send another QSL, XE3N From Playa del Carmen, Mx EL60
XE3N-1 HK3CFM 04/23 19:00:37z Send another Saludos via SAT, 73's
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 04/23 18:57:08z Send another KI4KNC
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/2 04/23 18:57:06z Send another KI4AQD-14,WA4SXM-6,K4WSD-7,K4HG-8,WG4K,N1RCN,WA0D-12,W5MLM-6,
NY3W-6 XE3N-1 04/22 19:47:39z Reply Great to see you! QSL, 73{1
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/22 19:45:08z Reply Great to see you on the ISS!
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 04/22 19:44:14z Send another W9QO,NA1SS,NY3W-6,K9ILU-9
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/2 04/22 19:42:27z Send another WA0D-12,KF0BMD-7,K7MT-6,W5MLM-6,KE4AZZ,K3RRR,WA4SXM-6,N1RCN,K3MRV-7,
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/22 11:28:05z Send another USNAP1-1,K4HG-8,NA1SS,WA0D-12,N8JR,K1WY,VE3FFB,K0KOC-1
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/22 09:56:09z Send another USNAP1-1,K4HG-8,NA1SS,WA0D-12,N8JR
XE3N-1 W9BOQ-1 04/21 20:30:37z Send another Thanks for Your msg, 73 de XE3N
W9BOQ-1 XE3N-1 04/21 20:30:11z Reply 599
XE3N-1 K5DNA 04/21 20:29:00z Send another Good Evening Sir! Nice to hear You via ISS!
9Z4DZ-1 XE3N-1 04/21 19:00:26z Reply Hpe all is well at ur end, Stay safe , Blessings
9Z4DZ-1 XE3N-1 04/21 18:58:25z Reply Grt cing u on this pass..73, Stay safe
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/21 10:41:09z Send another USNAP1-1,NA1SS,WB4FAY
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/20 19:44:18z Reply thanks for the contact! 73
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/20 19:44:17z Reply thanks for the contact! 73
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 04/20 19:43:54z Send another NA1SS,W4BAE-9,NY3W-6
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 04/20 19:41:34z Send another NA1SS
XE1DM XE3N-1 04/20 04:05:49z Reply contestar vía ISS. 73.{NX}
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/19 20:30:31z Send another K5DNA,N4DJC-7,NA1SS,K9ILU-9,N1RCN,KC4GFW,KL7JKC-6
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/19 20:29:31z Reply Hello From Florida via ISS
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/19 20:29:28z Send another K5DNA,N4DJC-7,NA1SS,K9ILU-9,N1RCN,KC4GFW
XE3N-1 K9ILU-9 04/19 20:29:05z Send another Hello My Friend via ISS !!
XE1DM XE3N-1 04/19 14:28:31z Reply Buen día, muchas gracias por los saludos, ya no alcancé a+{NW}
W4LRA-9 XE3N-1 04/19 12:19:03z Reply Rec'd your msg de ISS! QSL?{39
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/19 10:38:20z Send another USNAP1-1,NA1SS,CO2AFV
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 04/18 21:21:06z Send another KM4FZA,WA5EEZ-2,N2FLA-7,NA1SS
K5DNA XE3N-1 04/18 21:20:23z Reply QSL and 73s
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/2 04/18 21:17:31z Send another K5DNA,WD9CMS-10,W7QL,WA0D-12,K0KOC-1,WE4B,KE0LX,K3RRR,W5MLM-1,
XE3N-1 K5DNA 04/18 21:16:30z Send another HAPPY WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY!!
XE3N-1 BLNQSL2/2 04/18 21:15:33z Send another KM4FZA
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/18 21:14:24z Send another K5DNA,WD9CMS-10,W7QL,WA0D-12,K0KOC-1,WE4B,KE0LX,K3RRR,W5MLM-1
KE0LX XE3N-1 04/18 21:13:31z Reply QSL and 73 de Bruce EN25 Willmar MN
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/18 13:02:28z Send another USNAP1-1,K5DNA
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/16 13:02:19z Send another USNAP1-1,AE0CJ-1,K5DNA,NA1SS,W4BAE-9,KW4TOM,KI4ASK-7,N4DJC-7
K5DNA XE3N-1 04/16 13:01:39z Reply 73s from EM35{78
XE3N-1 BLNQSL1/1 04/16 13:01:30z Send another USNAP1-1,AE0CJ-1,K5DNA,NA1SS,W4BAE-9,KW4TOM
XE3N-1 NA1SS 04/16 12:59:50z Send another Exp. 64, Many Thanks, Happy Return to home!
9Z4DZ-2 XE3N-1 04/16 11:28:27z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago, Blessings 73
KB2M-4 XE3N-1 04/16 11:28:12z Reply Hi fr el99
XE3N-1 HK3CFM 04/16 11:27:20z Send another BUENOS DIAS!
XE3N-1 9Z4DZ-2 04/16 11:26:46z Send another Good Morning! Nice to hear You via ISS 73's
XE3N-1 NA1SS 04/16 11:24:18z Send another Exp. 64, Many Thanks, nappy return to home!