WB5YYQ-7 messages

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EMAIL WB5YYQ-7 08/24 20:26:57z Reply Email sent to cgburnham@comcast.net{968
WB5YYQ-7 EMAIL 08/24 20:26:56z Send another cgburnham@comcast.net 90 WA 1:25{12
EMAIL WB5YYQ-7 08/24 20:21:59z Reply Message to cgburnham@comcast.com failed{967
EMAIL WB5YYQ-7 08/24 20:21:55z Reply Email sent to cgburnham@comcast.com{966
WB5YYQ-7 EMAIL 08/24 20:21:54z Send another cgburnham@comcast.com nr 90/82 WA 1:20{11
EMAIL WB5YYQ-7 08/23 16:34:47z Reply No email address found!{49
WB5YYQ-7 EMAIL 08/23 16:34:46z Send another tst via APRS SW CO 10:33 Mon{10
EMAIL WB5YYQ-7 07/18 15:55:44z Reply Email sent to wb5yyq@gmail.com{916
WB5YYQ-7 EMAIL 07/18 15:53:44z Send another wb5yyq@gmail.com this is a test msg via aprs & handheld{8
WB5YYQ-7 EMAIL 07/18 15:21:07z Send another cgburnham@comcast.net Test message from APRS rf{7
EMAIL WB5YYQ-7 07/18 15:20:04z Reply Email sent to cgburnham@comcast.net{915