W5CYN-9 messages

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W5CYN-10 W5CYN-9 05/13 21:18:56z Reply test message recieved{08}9
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/13 16:59:48z Reply @W5CYN received{M1332
W5CYN-9 W5CYN-10 05/13 15:07:29z Send another testing{9
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/13 15:00:04z Reply @W5CYN received{M1319
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/13 14:58:59z Send another @9792299547 test{8
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/13 14:20:40z Reply @W5CYN testing send message{M1317
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/13 14:01:43z Reply @W5CYN testing send message{M1316
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/12 18:00:28z Reply @W5CYN testing return messages{M1226
W5CYN-9 SMSGE 05/12 17:53:24z Send another @cyn luke comimg 2 get spray rig abt 630{7
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/11 00:13:36z Reply @josh Sure does{M985
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/10 23:55:33z Send another @JOSH DAMN IT WORKS{06}
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/10 23:55:08z Reply @josh Received{M979
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/10 23:55:05z Send another @JEREN TEST MEASSAGE OVER 2M RADIO. D{05}
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/10 23:54:39z Send another @JOSH MESSAGE OVER 2M RADIO CONNECTION. D{04}
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/10 23:53:40z Reply @W5CYN test send{M978
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/10 23:52:03z Reply @W5CYN received{M976
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/10 23:28:10z Reply @W5CYN Received{M973
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/10 23:27:51z Send another @9792299547 TEST{03}
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/10 13:15:08z Reply @W5CYN test{M889
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/10 13:07:24z Reply The number 9792299547 has been associated with this callsign.{C888
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/10 13:07:23z Send another #mynumber add 9792299547{6
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/10 12:03:37z Reply @9792299547 test return{M885
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/10 09:47:25z Reply @9792299547 message received.{M881
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/09 20:07:20z Reply @9792299547 Message received{M825
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/09 20:05:02z Send another @9792255005 Sen from truck 2m{5
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/09 20:02:36z Send another @9792255005{4
SMSGTE W5CYN-9 05/09 16:03:33z Reply @9792296242 Got it! Love ?????? you{M783
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/09 16:03:02z Send another @9792296242 sentfrom truck{3
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/09 15:59:11z Send another @9792299547 test{2
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/09 15:58:16z Send another @9792299547{1
W5CYN-9 SMSGTE 05/09 15:57:23z Send another @9792299547{0
W5CYN-9 229954 05/09 15:43:04z Send another test{5