W4ZWA-9 messages

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W4ZWA-9 WA1GOV-10 06/12 23:00:23z Send another hello twitter from my mobile cloudy here in central nc{01
WA1GOV-10 W4ZWA-9 06/12 23:00:03z Reply Thanks for using the WA1GOV APRS-2-Twitter Gateway!
KO4QOT W4ZWA-9 06/05 21:47:15z Reply KO4QOT {10}10F
KO4QOT W4ZWA-9 06/05 21:45:14z Reply KO4QOT {10}10B
KO4QOT W4ZWA-9 06/05 21:43:44z Reply KO4QOT {10}106
KO4QOT W4ZWA-9 06/05 21:42:44z Reply KO4QOT {10}101
KO4QOT W4ZWA-9 06/05 21:42:13z Reply KO4QOT {10}FB
W4ZWA-4 W4ZWA-9 04/24 00:05:26z Reply Test{6C6AD
SMSGTE-JA W4ZWA-9 04/24 00:02:47z Reply test from wife{M8636
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/24 00:00:53z Send another test from mobile{04
W4ZWA-4 W4ZWA-9 04/23 22:28:19z Reply Test{55552
SMSGTE-ZA W4ZWA-9 04/23 21:51:53z Reply test to mobile 2{M8603
SMSGTE-ZA W4ZWA-9 04/23 21:51:29z Reply test to mobile{M8602
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/23 21:51:10z Send another test from mobile{03
SMSGTE-ZA W4ZWA-9 04/23 21:50:02z Reply test message{M8601
W4ZWA-4 W4ZWA-9 04/23 21:47:20z Reply Test message{600FB
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/19 01:03:45z Send another @9193335273 test{02
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 23:48:53z Send another @9193335273 test from qth{01
SMSGTE-ZA W4ZWA-9 04/18 18:42:18z Reply test back{M7998
SMSGTE-ZA W4ZWA-9 04/18 18:41:22z Reply Test{M7997
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 18:41:07z Send another @9193335273 test{08
SMSGTE-ZA W4ZWA-9 04/18 16:31:30z Reply test{M7963
SMSGTE W4ZWA-9 04/18 14:06:55z Reply The number zack is invalid{E7951
SMSGTE W4ZWA-9 04/18 14:05:14z Reply The number zack is invalid{E7950
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 14:05:10z Send another @wife otw{07
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 14:04:37z Send another @wife hh{06
SMSGTE W4ZWA-9 04/18 14:04:18z Reply The number zack is invalid{E7949
SMSGTE W4ZWA-9 04/18 14:02:37z Reply The number zack is invalid{E7948
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 14:02:37z Send another @zack otw{05
SMSGTE-ST W4ZWA-9 04/18 12:52:52z Reply does your mobile radio have a built-in TNC?{M7944
SMSGTE W4ZWA-9 04/18 00:47:04z Reply @stuart Received{M7881
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 00:45:32z Send another @stuart test text from my truck mobile ham radio via APRS{04
SMSGTE W4ZWA-9 04/18 00:41:05z Reply @wife test back{M7879
SMSGTE W4ZWA-9 04/18 00:39:33z Reply @wife Yep{M7877
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 00:38:51z Send another @wife test text from radio in my truck{03
SMSGTE W4ZWA-9 04/18 00:34:00z Reply The number 9193335273 has been associated with this callsign.{C7875
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 00:34:00z Send another #mynumber add 9193335273{02
W4ZWA-9 SMSGTE 04/18 00:31:19z Send another @9193335273 test{01