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KD4AXP-9 W4MTM-9 08/24 22:48:05z Reply hi{42
W4MTM-9 AE4IN-9 08/03 11:40:25z Send another Good morning{2
KD4AXP W4MTM-9 08/01 23:08:32z Reply away at the moment :-){1
W4MTM-9 KD4AXP 08/01 23:08:29z Send another It waz a blessed day!{1
KD4AXP W4MTM-9 08/01 15:20:29z Reply mornin ... have a blessed day :-){1
KD4AXP-9 W4MTM-9 07/31 20:57:28z Reply hi{40
W4MTM-9 N0YZT 07/28 11:16:39z Send another Greetinds back{1
W4MTM-9 NA4MM-9 07/27 22:55:33z Send another Cat got your tongue?{2
W4MTM-9 NA4MM-9 07/27 22:52:20z Send another Whats up{1
W4MTM-9 NA4MM 07/27 22:50:31z Send another Hey{2
NA4MM W4MTM-9 07/18 22:49:52z Reply I am here, don't read this much.{00001
KD4AXP-9 W4MTM-9 07/17 14:35:35z Reply AA:driving -- will reply soonest
KD4AXP-9 W4MTM-9 07/17 14:34:43z Reply Hells{39
W4MTM-9 KD4AXP-9 07/17 14:34:07z Send another Hells{1
W4MTM-9 W8MSB-9 07/15 02:34:29z Send another Hello{2
W4MTM-9 AE4IN-9 07/14 10:44:02z Send another Good morning{1
W4MTM-9 W8MSB-9 07/14 02:07:37z Send another Hello{1
W4MTM-9 NA4MM 07/14 02:04:04z Send another What's up?{1