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WLNK-1 W2SRH 05/26 13:39:42z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1569
WLNK-1 W2SRH 05/25 13:38:54z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{1501
W2SRH-9 W2SRH 04/30 22:00:31z Reply we have arrived{12
W2SRH N2YDC-5 04/27 04:34:41z Send another Ah! No problem :D{2N}
N2YDC-5 W2SRH 04/27 02:19:27z Reply Sorry meant to write tnx fer info..{E7179
W2SRH N2YDC-1 04/27 02:18:20z Send another don't hsve you in my logs{2M}86
N2YDC-1 W2SRH 04/27 02:10:35z Reply Thanks for contact pse QSL{86
NY2M-1 W2SRH 04/23 15:45:05z Reply rej0
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:38:38z Send another If you want anyway, some people dislike that idea too{2L}
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:37:38z Reply Good for kids to follow us i guess{1B9C9
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:36:41z Send another You can also use winlink email over APRS, it's rough but works{2K}
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:36:30z Send another Definitely, and you can have people "track" your travels{2J}
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:35:30z Reply So the APRS and digital can be very helpful on road{5E126
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:35:10z Reply Actually we both got an RV{CED36
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:35:00z Send another Nice!{2I}
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:34:39z Reply Getting into all of this since my wife just got an RV{CD9C2
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:34:16z Send another I didn't see the point before, but I think I'm starting to{2H}
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:34:00z Send another I really need to experiment with those soon.{2G}
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:33:52z Reply I may try w my Yaesu FT2D{BA4FE
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:33:34z Reply Thx this is through my new Open Spot3 which is very cool!{856DC
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:32:36z Send another I'll respond whenever I wake up :P{2F}
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:32:21z Send another I have mine on all the time, so feel free to test by sending here{2E}
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:31:39z Reply It's pretty cool - figuring it out so be careful out there....{6711F
W2SRH K2WLD-2 04/19 01:30:59z Send another haha.. well you definitely got it working :D{2D}
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:30:36z Reply Thx for shoutout on net!{4210B
K2WLD-2 W2SRH 04/19 01:30:21z Reply Hello from K2WLD{E0CFF
W2SRH K2WLD 04/19 01:16:02z Send another You new to APRS? Seeing you over the Internet connection.{2C}
N3XTF-7 W2SRH 04/18 00:04:57z Reply RCVD 73{11
W2SRH BLN0 04/17 23:59:13z Send another DVRA Tech Net Sundays @21:00 146.67- C131