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K0SJM-10 W2FDH-9 06/23 14:31:37z Reply Hello from -4{49EF3
K0SJM-10 W2FDH-9 05/31 11:32:02z Reply Ya, really sucks the power outta my phone.{CB82C
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:21:39z Send another This goes off when we finish {14
K0SJM-10 W2FDH-9 05/31 01:21:12z Reply Cool!!{6F594
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:21:03z Send another And W2FDH, my primary station {13
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:20:13z Send another I'm currently only running my -9 (mobile) {12
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:12:11z Send another Both radios/TNCs on the same computer {11
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:11:49z Send another It's great Steve. I was able to get Winaprs working so I could use {10
K0SJM-10 W2FDH-9 05/31 01:10:16z Reply Glad it's working out for you!!{896BA
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:08:11z Send another You just had to send me that Kam, which BTW, is superior to the MFJ{9
K0SJM-10 W2FDH-9 05/31 01:07:21z Reply πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†{F2271
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:03:22z Send another And it's all your fault {8
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:02:18z Send another And 2 TNCs just might need!!! {7
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:01:48z Send another You just never know how much electricity that 2 phones, 2 radios {6
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 01:00:59z Send another πŸ€‘{5
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 00:59:17z Send another My electricity 😜😜😜😜😜{4
K0SJM-10 W2FDH-9 05/31 00:58:29z Reply Testing what!!{C662D
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 00:50:37z Send another Actually, I'm just doing some "testing" 😜😜😜😜😜{3
K0SJM-10 W2FDH-9 05/31 00:48:52z Reply πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†{4E122
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 00:47:47z Send another -15 for my yard πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ{2
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-10 05/31 00:47:23z Send another OK, that works. I'm using -9 for my truck, -10 for my antennas and {1
K0SJM-10 W2FDH-9 05/31 00:45:35z Reply Changed mine from -4 to -10 for iPhone{D14A4
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/30 23:06:53z Reply 🍺🍺🍺{D3578
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 23:05:51z Send another I just sent you a message using Facebook messenger 🀣🀣🀣{14
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 23:02:36z Send another Hahaha. I'm about to send you something over there {13
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/30 23:01:33z Reply This is more fun then messenger, actually jamming itπŸ˜†{326D2
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 23:01:09z Send another I'm going to try to set up a second pinpoint APRS for the other tnc{12
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/30 23:00:50z Reply But little different setup on the HT I guess{C30F1
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/30 23:00:11z Reply So am i{0A1CC
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 22:59:13z Send another That's why I'm still running Pinpoint APRS hahaha {11
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/30 22:58:25z Reply My next project, I receive but haven't figured out sending yet.{531F4
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 22:53:37z Send another OK, make sure aprs-si is working, if it is, you won't have any prob{10
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/30 22:52:55z Reply Going to try from my 2M{C46A2
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 22:50:10z Send another It's doing a great job {9
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/30 22:49:51z Reply Hey it worked!! This on my iphone{4BFF3
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 22:48:53z Send another I got your message {8
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/30 22:45:41z Reply Mine don't go, I'm getting you{8AA86
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 22:43:07z Send another It finally got to you Steve {7
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/30 22:41:59z Send another Test from NJ {6
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/17 22:04:59z Send another Did it get there {5
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/17 22:03:16z Send another I'm going to try the laptop {4
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/17 22:03:00z Send another SSID {3
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/17 22:02:58z Send another Yes it does, now that I have your {2
K0SJM-4 w2fdh-9 05/17 22:02:35z Reply Hello Frank, it works
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-9 05/17 22:01:30z Reply At QTH{1
W2FDH-9 K0SJM-4 05/17 22:01:29z Send another Test from EHT, NJ {1
W2FDH-9 K0SJM 05/17 18:22:47z Send another Good afternoon Steve {4
W2FDH-9 KC1HHO-7 05/12 14:53:57z Send another Thanks, I'm trying to get all of my stations up and running properl{3
KC1HHO-7 W2FDH-9 05/12 14:53:15z Reply all 3 of your stations are on map now.{66
KC1HHO-7 W2FDH-9 05/12 13:26:45z Reply -1 & -9 only on map.{65
W2FDH-9 W2FDH 05/12 12:54:24z Send another Test {5
W2FDH-9 KC1HHO-7 05/12 12:53:35z Send another My W2FDH on your map? {2
W2FDH-9 KC1HHO-7 05/12 12:53:18z Send another Good morning, all good here. Are you seeing both my W2FDH-9 and {1
KC1HHO-7 W2FDH-9 05/12 11:52:01z Reply Hello from Boston how are you?{58
W2FDH-9 W2FDH 05/12 11:45:26z Send another Test {4
W2FDH-9 W2FDH 05/10 12:25:56z Send another Test {3
W2FDH-9 W2CMC-15 05/10 03:27:28z Send another Test message #1{1
W2FDH w2fdh-9 05/10 03:26:25z Reply test from laptop{3
W2FDH-9 W2FDH 05/10 03:25:19z Send another Test from phone at home {2