W2FDH-1 messages

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W2FDH-1 K0SJM-10 06/23 19:33:11z Send another Any luck with the wsjt software Steve? {1
K0SJM-10 W2FDH-1 06/22 22:20:24z Reply Testing{334BD
W2FDH-1 K0SJM 06/22 22:07:04z Send another TEST{1
W2FDH-1 W2FDH-2 06/01 19:54:18z Send another Test 4{1
W2FDH W2FDH-1 06/01 19:45:12z Reply test 2{04
W2FDH W2FDH-1 06/01 19:44:41z Reply test{03
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-1 05/30 22:33:06z Reply Testing{6FA9E
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-1 05/30 12:38:25z Reply Good morning Frank!!{3C3B4
W2FDH-1 K0SJM 05/30 02:50:53z Send another I pm m{5
W2FDH-1 K0SJM 05/30 02:50:35z Send another Apportionment I it ttpt{4
W2FDH-1 K0SJM 05/30 01:42:44z Send another Good evening Steve from APRSDroid{3
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-1 05/18 23:56:48z Reply At QTH{3
W2FDH-1 K0SJM-4 05/18 23:56:47z Send another Let's try this again {2
K0SJM-4 W2FDH-1 05/17 23:20:55z Reply At QTH{4
W2FDH-1 K0SJM-4 05/17 23:20:55z Send another This is my backup station {1
W2FDH-1 K0SJM 05/17 23:19:12z Send another Ah ha, now I was able to send you a message with my home backup sta{2
W2FDH-1 K0SJM 05/17 17:46:42z Send another Good afternoon Steve {1
W2FDH-1 K0SJM 05/17 17:45:05z Send another Good afternoon Steve {4
W2FDH-1 W2FDH 05/17 05:00:29z Send another Test message 2 from Samsung {2
W2FDH-1 W2FDH 05/17 04:57:17z Send another Test message from Samsung {1
W2FDH-1 W2FDH 05/06 15:00:55z Send another Test from Shore Medical Center to home {1