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W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/24 13:15:58z Send another for ft-8{29
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/24 13:15:57z Send another after i replace the light in my antenna tuner, maybe i'll set up{28
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 13:10:56z Reply Good deal 40M is hot now on FT8{274D3
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/24 13:09:30z Send another I just finished up with the SouthCARS net on 7.251{27
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 12:40:50z Reply 80% chance of rain Sat afternoon{D8F3B
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 12:40:07z Reply Looks like field day may get washed out this wknd{5F495
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 12:34:29z Reply Now 0633, 1st contact on FT8. Started at 0430{67420
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 12:29:51z Reply Sounds like fun. Me!!! Mowing{42015
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/24 12:29:01z Send another Today I have to install a new spigot on my kitchen sink{26
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 12:27:53z Reply Bad choice!!! Bands were pretty dead{E4F61
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 12:27:16z Reply Yup!!! Got up at 4 this morning for FT8{EA716
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/24 12:25:18z Send another I think we figured this out.next is the rf{24
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/24 12:25:05z Send another side of things{25
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 12:20:33z Reply Good morning as well Frank{0D902
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/24 12:19:17z Send another Good morning Steve{23
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 11:35:54z Reply Good morning Frank{09D40
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 01:16:09z Reply Takes me time to figure out how to go active.{43B58
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/24 01:12:53z Reply Gotcha!!!{7F461
W2FDH K0SJM-4 06/24 01:12:00z Send another hows this working Steve{22
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 23:10:05z Reply Off the air???{7396E
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 22:27:05z Reply You sleeping{5A9D4
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 21:30:31z Reply Got it up an running...{98214
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/23 19:45:31z Send another Have you tried rebooting the radio?{21
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 19:45:25z Reply Cool, like this msg Mode{B6893
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 19:45:07z Reply Not yet, next on the list{682C1
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/23 19:29:54z Send another I'll mess with it this afternoon to see if I can figure it out{20
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 19:13:57z Reply Yes, but haven't been able to get it working again{BB7B1
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/23 19:12:56z Send another isn't wsjt for ft-8?{19
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 18:55:32z Reply Been screwing with my wsjt-x program. Win10 installed updates{78920
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 18:54:54z Reply Cool{72EEF
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/23 18:53:35z Send another Both stations woerking Steve{18
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 15:28:19z Reply Trying settings out!!{41E1D
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 15:17:00z Reply Needed to use network vice TNC{024B9
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 15:07:16z Reply Trying again{690C3
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/23 14:42:20z Reply Hello-2, from -4{017FF
W2FDH K0SJM-4 06/23 14:24:11z Send another My message to your -4 station{17
K0SJM-4 w2fdh 06/23 14:15:57z Reply helps when im not in rf mode{3
W2FDH K0SJM-4 06/23 14:15:02z Send another I got you this time with your message{16
K0SJM-4 w2fdh 06/23 14:12:09z Reply Hey Frank, got me now{3
K0SJM-4 W2FDH 06/23 14:04:33z Reply At QTH{2
W2FDH K0SJM-4 06/23 14:04:33z Send another Good morning Steve{15
W2FDH K0SJM-10 06/23 13:54:48z Send another Good morning Steve{14
W2FDH K0SJM-4 06/23 13:07:55z Send another This is the station I'll send messages to.{13
K0SJM-10 W2FDH 06/22 23:14:17z Reply Always have the phone close{6DF4B
K0SJM-4 W2FDH 06/22 22:18:36z Reply At QTH{1
W2FDH K0SJM-4 06/22 22:18:35z Send another HI BACK{12
K0SJM-4 w2fdh 06/22 22:17:33z Reply Hi, {1
W2FDH K0SJM 06/22 22:05:18z Send another tEST{11
W2FDH KD2QED 06/02 16:51:41z Send another no problem Jason, glad I could help{10
KD2QED W2FDH 06/02 16:42:06z Reply thanks :){00001
W2FDH W2FDH-2 06/02 01:47:34z Send another test 4{09
N2RO-4 W2FDH 06/01 20:07:07z Reply Hi Frank long time no hear.{01}
W2FDH W2FDH-2 06/01 19:56:52z Send another test 3{08
W2FDH-2 W2FDH 06/01 19:56:03z Reply Message 03
W2FDH W2FDH-2 06/01 19:52:47z Send another test 2{07
W2FDH W2FDH-2 06/01 19:49:23z Send another Test message{06
W2FDH KB2M_5 06/01 19:47:39z Send another Good Afternoon Jeff{1
W2FDH KB2M-5 06/01 19:45:37z Send another test 3{05
W2FDH W2FDH-1 06/01 19:45:12z Send another test 2{04
W2FDH W2FDH-1 06/01 19:44:41z Send another test{03
W2FDH KB2M-5 06/01 19:41:58z Send another Good afternoon Jeff{02
W2FDH KB2M-5 06/01 19:37:24z Send another Good Afternoon Jeff{01
W2FDH N2RO-3 06/01 19:35:11z Send another Good Afternoon Ed de vFrank/W2FDH (KB2VYZ){00
W2FDH K0SJM 05/30 01:40:11z Send another Good evening Steve{1
W2FDH K0SJM-4 05/17 22:04:26z Send another Good afternoon Steve from laptop{1
W2FDH K0SJM 05/17 17:54:40z Send another Good afternoon Steve{1
W2FDH-1 W2FDH 05/17 05:00:29z Reply Test message 2 from Samsung {2
W2FDH-1 W2FDH 05/17 04:57:17z Reply Test message from Samsung {1
W2FDH-9 W2FDH 05/12 12:54:24z Reply Test {5
W2FDH-9 W2FDH 05/12 11:45:26z Reply Test {4
W2FDH w2fdh-5 05/10 12:27:40z Send another test{5
W2FDH-9 W2FDH 05/10 12:25:56z Reply Test {3
W2FDH w2cmc-15 05/10 03:29:02z Send another final test message #3{5
W2FDH w2cmc-15 05/10 03:28:18z Send another test message #2{4
W2FDH w2fdh-9 05/10 03:26:25z Send another test from laptop{3
W2FDH-9 W2FDH 05/10 03:25:19z Reply Test from phone at home {2
W2FDH AC2NJ 05/10 03:22:01z Send another test de W2FDH{2
W2FDH KD2QED 05/10 03:20:31z Send another test de W2FDH{1
W2FDH-1 W2FDH 05/06 15:00:55z Reply Test from Shore Medical Center to home {1
W2FDH w2fdh-10 05/05 05:36:59z Send another test3{2
W2FDH-10 W2FDH 05/05 05:34:20z Reply test{12
W2FDH-10 W2FDH 05/05 04:49:26z Reply Test from phone {11
W2FDH-10 W2FDH 05/05 04:43:23z Reply Test from APRSDROID {1
W2FDH W2FDH-10 05/05 04:32:56z Send another Test TCPIP{3
W2FDH W2FDH-2 05/05 04:30:48z Send another Test TCPIP{2
W2FDH w2fdh-5 04/29 14:36:48z Send another test
W2FDH-5 W2FDH 04/29 14:35:59z Reply Test {10
W2FDH k0sjm 04/19 03:43:22z Send another hello from nj{1
W2FDH K0SJM 04/17 21:13:50z Send another From my laptop de W2FDH{1