W1GCF-7 messages

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SMSGTE-2 W1GCF-7 06/09 17:48:28z Reply time to come home!{M5962
SMSGTE-2 W1GCF-7 06/09 17:42:12z Reply Hi back{M5961
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE-2 06/09 17:40:40z Send another test hi !{1
SMSGTE-1 W1GCF-7 06/09 17:30:20z Reply Yyyyyyyyyaa@a{M5960
SMSGTE-1 W1GCF-7 06/09 17:29:59z Reply Hello{M5959
SMSGTE-1 W1GCF-7 06/09 17:29:24z Reply Hi{M5958
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE-1 06/09 17:26:01z Send another test hi {0
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 21:53:52z Reply @W1GCF This is testing 5:53{M5878
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 21:46:37z Send another @5082545462 hi sweetie{09
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 21:37:34z Reply @W1GCF Testing testing{M5871
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 21:36:26z Reply @W1GCF testing testing{M5870
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 21:35:16z Reply @W1GCF This is a test sending SMS back to radio.{M5869
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 16:31:53z Reply @W1GCF you too!{M5802
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 16:30:13z Reply @W1GCF Hi there you too{M5801
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 16:24:39z Send another @6174298966 hj there{08
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 16:22:57z Reply @9783149162 Yes{M5800
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 16:18:02z Send another @9783149162 did this work? replw{07
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 16:14:35z Reply @W1GCF How are you testing{M5799
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 15:46:06z Reply This command is not available from APRS{C5793
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 15:45:25z Send another #password set sm4ckit{06
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 15:43:00z Reply The number 6174298966 has been associated with this callsign.{C5792
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 15:42:07z Send another #mynumber add 6174298966{05
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 15:38:59z Send another #password set sm4ckit{04
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 15:37:14z Reply This command is not available from APRS{C5791
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 15:36:47z Send another #mynumbder add 6174298966{03
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 15:35:29z Send another #mynumbder add 6174298966{02
W1GCF-7 SMSGTE 06/08 15:33:14z Send another @6174298966 test{01
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 15:32:58z Reply The command mynumbder does not exist{C5790
SMSGTE W1GCF-7 06/08 15:30:33z Reply The command mynumbder does not exist{C5789