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VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-7 07/30 20:37:52z Send another email me{42
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-7 07/30 20:35:37z Send another call me{41
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 07/30 19:41:38z Send another hi Don{58
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-7 07/30 19:08:38z Send another hi Don{40
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 07/28 16:09:58z Send another hi Don{57
VE7NV-8 VE7LTD 07/23 18:48:48z Send another happy Friday{8
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 07/23 18:46:22z Send another hi Don{56
VE7NV-8 VA7NAP-10 07/20 20:06:50z Send another hi{17
VE7NV-8 VE7PDO 07/20 19:35:26z Send another hi{43
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:58:48z Reply Thank you{EDCCE
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:54:28z Reply Thank you. 73{FFF2F
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:52:41z Send another thanks{13
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:52:30z Reply I had to disconnect everything{3062E
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:51:50z Reply I appreciate you efforts. Talk to you later{A6432
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:50:52z Send another well you have yourself a nice evening{12
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:50:21z Reply No go.{A5ED4
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:49:56z Send another no go{11
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:49:29z Reply Hit some thing{E74CB
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:38:23z Reply OK. I have heard RBY a few times, too far{52C26
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:37:46z Send another can you try 145.47 T127.3 -600{10
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:37:18z Reply Trying to link repeaters is not really my thing.{9A86B
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:36:34z Reply I had it but..... messed up.{9AF8C
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:35:54z Reply Not a big deal. I am thrilled I could make out.{94C06
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:35:39z Reply Thanks{8F021
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:34:50z Reply Google Squamish repeater frequency{C38EB
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:34:19z Send another I don't even know where to look that up{9
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:31:06z Reply Can you send me the info for the Squamish repeater{0CDE1
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:30:41z Reply Probably but do not have the frequencies etc{AB5C5
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:29:38z Reply Yes. I can see all that. Working on a trail{0F4FB
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:28:43z Send another anything you can hit so we can do voice?{8
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:27:42z Send another I see that. ledge mtn too{7
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:27:33z Reply Yes. I can hear VE7NWR but cannot hit it{46010
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:26:41z Reply Camped below SkyPilot{83EDB
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:25:51z Send another I think you're too far away{6
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:21:16z Send another nice. try calling me on 146.52{5
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:21:10z Reply{AD0E1
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:20:34z Reply{2B69E
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:18:40z Reply I cannot check SOTA.{60E9E
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:18:35z Reply Yes. Flew in by helicopter. No cell service.{E452C
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:18:27z Send another what radio and software you using?{4
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:18:21z Reply Looking at SkyPilot{6B124
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:17:22z Reply Yes. Flew in by helicopter. No cell service.{5A18A
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:16:13z Send another do you have cellular data?{3
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ 07/20 03:15:36z Send another very nice{2
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:13:10z Reply Camping out in the boonies{59212
VE7QRZ VE7NV-8 07/20 03:13:09z Reply Camping out in the boonies{BDE6E
VE7NV-8 VA7CFK-9 07/17 01:24:17z Send another welcome to south van{2
VE7NV-8 VE7UAV-9 07/15 21:14:29z Send another very nice. I'm using Kenwood V71 with APRS Droid{3
VE7UAV-9 VE7NV-8 07/15 20:52:17z Reply With Mobilinkd TNC and APRSdroid software{2
VE7UAV-9 VE7NV-8 07/15 20:51:16z Reply Leixen vv-898{1
VE7NV-8 VE7UAV-9 07/15 16:43:19z Send another hi{1
VE7NV-8 VA7UCK-7 07/13 03:42:38z Send another on. 146.58{7
VE7NV-8 VE7PDO 07/12 19:21:52z Send another hi{42
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 07/12 19:18:45z Send another hi Don{55
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 07/12 19:08:54z Send another hi Don{54
VE7NV-8 VE7HWD-7 07/12 18:12:33z Send another hello Mike{1
VE7NV-8 VA7BGW 07/05 19:09:26z Send another good afternoon{1
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 07/05 18:17:35z Send another hi Don{53
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 07/05 17:45:48z Send another hi{52
VE7NV-8 VA7SHG-9 07/02 19:36:41z Send another hello Jim{396
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 07/02 19:28:33z Send another hi Don{51
VE7NV-8 VA7CFK-9 07/02 18:59:30z Send another good morning{3
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 06/27 01:42:50z Send another hi{58
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 06/26 20:25:50z Send another hi Don{50
VE7NV-8 VA7UCK-7 06/26 20:08:14z Send another on 146.88{5
VA7DGP-2 VE7NV-8 06/25 00:53:55z Reply Youtube time{UJ}
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/25 00:06:48z Send another dinner time{85
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/24 23:17:43z Send another Saturday will be busy{84
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/24 22:27:55z Send another I'll be playing radio tomorrow since it is field day{83
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/24 22:22:42z Send another nap time{82
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-9 06/24 20:46:54z Send another hi Don{49
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/24 19:48:27z Send another lunch time{81
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ-1 06/24 19:48:11z Send another have a good one{8
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/24 18:59:34z Send another I may drop by depending on time{80
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:37:45z Reply Lunch time. Next for me is to put names to call signs. 73{24A5A
VA7DGP-2 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:36:18z Reply something like that{LB}
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/24 18:35:14z Send another I'm talking to VE7QRZ right now on APRS{78
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ-1 06/24 18:33:34z Send another hello there from south Vancouver{1
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/24 18:32:33z Send another I will be meeting many new people on field day{77
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:31:51z Reply I was a fan of SSTV a while ago. Would like to get back into it{7FDEC
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ-1 06/24 18:30:20z Send another I see. are you into SSTV or WinLink{7
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:28:59z Reply Must have been then. A Winlink fan{077F3
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ-1 06/24 18:27:28z Send another I dunno. Don told me this{6
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:27:02z Reply Last Sunday?{F81B9
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ-1 06/24 18:23:20z Send another I heard you met up with Don VA7QU{5
VA7DGP-2 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:22:47z Reply be running on Saturday. The Antenna was mounted yesterday {LA}
VE7NV-8 VA7DGP-2 06/24 18:22:13z Send another where are you working on it? which place?{79
VA7DGP-2 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:21:33z Reply If Mike picked it up from ve7cth yesterday. DMR ve7diz should{KZ}
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:20:08z Reply Haha, sorry did not realize I am working two stations, New West{688B0
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ-1 06/24 18:19:46z Send another what is your QTH?{4
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ-1 06/24 18:19:36z Send another what are you using for radio and APRS software?{2
VE7NV-8 VE7QRZ-1 06/24 18:19:33z Send another very nice. I'm using Kenwood V71 with aprsdroid. works very well. {3
VA7DGP-2 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:19:09z Reply We plan on working on the Salvation Army Butternut HF antenna later{KY}
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:16:19z Reply Radio Kenwood TH-D7, software{07A58
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:03:03z Reply Haha finally starting to get the messages part of this working.{F9C6D
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 18:02:49z Reply Haha finally starting to get the messages part of this working.{A27CF
VA7DGP-2 VE7NV-8 06/24 17:50:05z Reply hope to run portable using Sally Anne Grab and Go kit with SPC-7+{CV}
VA7DGP-2 VE7NV-8 06/24 17:12:59z Reply Met ve7qrz last Saturday{HS}
VE7QRZ-1 VE7NV-8 06/24 17:07:31z Reply Hello again. Warm here in New Westminster{2810F
VA7DGP-2 VE7NV-8 06/24 17:06:22z Reply coffee and youtube{HR}