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RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/14 20:22:30z Reply [MAIN] TB1CLR-7 joined
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/12 19:28:33z Reply K7CFO>MAIN: I think a 1sec delay is needed when rfdata responds
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/12 19:27:49z Reply same?
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/12 19:27:49z Reply K7CFO>MAIN: but that doesn't make it to client, are others seeing
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/12 19:27:31z Reply prompt
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/12 19:27:31z Reply K7CFO>MAIN: see command log. When I type L rfdata does send back
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/12 19:27:11z Reply K7CFO>MAIN: however it is showing up in command log
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/12 19:26:59z Reply K7CFO>MAIN: not getting messages back from RFDATA to aprs-is
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/09 13:28:52z Reply [MAIN] K7CFO joined
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/08 08:32:10z Reply [MAIN] K7CFO-5 joined
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/06 19:54:51z Reply G8XXM-5>MAIN: Yes it is pretty neat. 73
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/06 19:39:18z Reply K7CFO-9>MAIN: Hi everyone this is awesome!
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/06 15:43:22z Reply [MAIN] K7CFO-9 left
RFDATA VE6LY-5 09/06 15:40:45z Reply [MAIN] K7CFO-9 joined
VE6LY-5 RFDATA 07/25 00:54:04z Send another wx{12
VE6LY-5 RFDATA 07/25 00:53:54z Send another mh{11
RFDATA VE6LY-5 07/22 06:39:12z Reply DO21xa (51.04, -114.07) @ 2021-07-22 06:38:28
VE6LY-5 RFDATA 07/22 06:39:12z Send another mh{10
RFDATA VE6LY-5 07/22 06:38:51z Reply You have 2 message(s) waiting
VE6LY-5 RFDATA 07/22 06:38:50z Send another l{9
RFDATA VE6LY-5 07/22 06:38:33z Reply Clear 16.0C Hu:53.0% W:f/SW@11.2kmh(g:21.8kmh) FL:16.0C
VE6LY-5 RFDATA 07/22 06:38:31z Send another wx{8