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IU3MEY SV3CIX 10/16 06:34:43z Reply yeahhh!!!! good day '73
SV2CPH-1 SV3CIX 10/16 06:34:10z Reply 73{48
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 10/16 06:33:57z Send another IU3MEY,9H1FF,IU0OQO,SV2CPH-4,IK3ZGB-2,SV2CPH,IW2DMO,SV2CPH-1,
IU3MEY SV3CIX 10/16 06:33:39z Reply ok qsl! in my log '73
SV3CIX IU3MEY 10/16 06:33:37z Send another ( ( 73s ) )
IU3MEY SV3CIX 10/16 06:33:04z Reply QSL? '73
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/15 12:17:19z Send another G7GVV,OK7SE-7,PC1L-2,IK3SVW-1,ON4BN,NA1SS,TA5NYN-9{UISS54}
OK7SE-7 SV3CIX 10/15 12:15:56z Reply qsl{3
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/15 07:22:06z Send another 9H1FF,IK3ZGB-2,NA1SS,ON7KEI,YO8RBY,ON4BN,SV2CPH-4,PD5RT{UISS54}
SV2CPH SV3CIX 10/14 06:31:57z Reply KALHMERA.!!! via ISS ( (73s) ){78
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/14 06:30:10z Send another DX3MYA,NA1SS,SV2CPH,SV2CPH-4,IW0RQJ,IK3ZGB-2{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 10/13 15:30:39z Send another NA1SS,TA5NYN-9{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 10/13 15:30:37z Send another IK6GZM,SP7G-9,EA2BJM,EA7KR,IK5JRZ,IK1COA-15,SV2CPH,SV2CPH-4,
IK5JRZ SV3CIX 10/13 15:30:19z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
IK5JRZ SV3CIX 10/13 15:27:18z Reply qsl?
SV2CPH SV3CIX 10/13 15:26:59z Reply IK6GZM,SP7G-9,EA2BJM,EA7KR,IK5JRZ,IK1COA-15,SV2CPH,SV2CPH-4,{77
SV1LJJ-4 SV3CIX 10/13 13:54:52z Reply QSL KM18WA{3C}
TA5AHO-4 SV3CIX 10/13 13:52:53z Reply SV2CPH-1,DX4MYA,NA1SS,TA5NYN-9,IW0RQJ,TA5AHO-4,SV2CPH{UISS54}{82
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/13 13:51:45z Send another SV2CPH-1,DX4MYA,NA1SS,TA5NYN-9,IW0RQJ,TA5AHO-4,SV2CPH{UISS54}
YO8RBY SV3CIX 10/13 07:21:16z Reply QSL,and'73 via ISS:YO8RBY-Narcis >>
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 10/13 07:20:51z Send another 9H1FF,SV3INK-1,IK3ZGB-2,NA1SS,IW2DMO,YO8RBY,TA5NYN-9,
SV3CIX SV3INK-1 10/13 07:19:29z Send another KALHMERA.!!! via ISS ( (73s) )
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/13 07:19:13z Send another 9H1FF,SV3INK-1,IK3ZGB-2,NA1SS,IW2DMO,YO8RBY,TA5NYN-9{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/13 07:18:35z Send another 9H1FF,SV3INK-1,IK3ZGB-2,NA1SS,IW2DMO,YO8RBY{UISS54}
F4GUK-1 SV3CIX 10/12 16:04:34z Reply Best 73 from France !{0A}
TA1BM SV3CIX 10/12 15:19:05z Reply Hi tnx 73
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/12 08:06:31z Send another IU3MEY,9H1FF,IK3ZGB-2,YO8RBY,EA7KR,ON4BN,NA1SS{UISS54}
SV3CIX SV3INK-1 10/11 15:28:09z Send another 73s via ISS
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 10/11 15:24:29z Send another OE6ISP{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 10/11 15:24:13z Send another 9H1FF,PD0RLX,IK6GZM,F5CBP,HB3YGP,OE5RPP-1,NA1SS,OE5RPP,
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/11 13:49:25z Send another SP7G-9,IW3RGK,PC1L-2,G4DCQ-2,R3PIJ{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 10/11 08:53:46z Send another PSAT2-1,IK3ZGB-2,IW2DMO,IU3MEY,EB3FWC,IK1COA-15,9H1FF,ON7BRT,
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/10 16:13:28z Send another F5CBP,TA1BM,IZ7XIQ,EC4TR,IK7UFX,NA1SS{UISS54}
IK7UFX SV3CIX 10/10 16:12:51z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX - JN80DW - [UISS]{09
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/10 16:11:56z Send another F5CBP,TA1BM,IZ7XIQ,EC4TR,IK7UFX{UISS54}
IK7UFX SV3CIX 10/10 16:11:52z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX - JN80DW - [UISS]{05
IK7UFX SV3CIX 10/10 16:11:06z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX - JN80DW - [UISS]{01
IK7UFX SV3CIX 10/10 16:11:03z Reply 73 VIA ISS DE IK7UFX - JN80DW - [UISS]{00
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 10/10 14:36:32z Send another OE6ISP,PC1L-2,DO2ZZ,G4DCQ-2,YO8RBY-6,SV2CPH-4,SV2CPH-1,
SV2CPH-1 SV3CIX 10/10 14:36:16z Reply 73{45
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/10 14:35:06z Send another OE6ISP,PC1L-2,DO2ZZ,G4DCQ-2,YO8RBY-6{UISS54}
G4DCQ-2 SV3CIX 10/10 14:33:49z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV. Distance is 2385 klm
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 10/10 09:43:36z Send another EB3FWC,YO8RBY-6,SP7DAD-6,DO2ZZ,SV2CPH{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/10 08:07:26z Send another IK3ZGB-2,NA1SS,IW2DMO,IU3MEY,RV4CQ-6{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/1 10/10 08:04:19z Send another IK3ZGB-2,NA1SS,IW2DMO,IU3MEY{UISS54}
SV3CIX EB3FWC 10/09 17:01:21z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
SV3CIX EB3FWC 10/09 16:59:54z Send another Hello from Greece...73s.!!!
SV3CIX EB3FWC 10/09 16:59:36z Send another QSL MSG via ISS...73s.!!!
EB3FWC SV3CIX 10/09 16:58:44z Reply eQSL, or Lotw?
DC1SK-1 SV3CIX 10/09 15:23:06z Reply rejUISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL2/2 10/09 15:23:05z Send another NA1SS{UISS54}
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 10/09 15:23:05z Send another SV3SMG-2,IZ5HQB,IT9AOI-7,IW0RQJ,OE6ISP,I5PVX,YO2DNO,ON4BN,
SV3CIX OE6ISP 10/09 15:22:08z Send another VERY GOOD.!!! via ISS ( ( 73s) )
SV3CIX SV3SMG-2 10/09 15:20:49z Send another KALHSPERA.!!! via ISS...73s.!!!
SV3CIX BLNQSL1/2 08/08 10:09:42z Send another IU7GQZ-10,IK3ZGB-2,IZ7XIQ,NA1SS,HB9EYZ,OE5RPP,SV3SMG-2,