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SMSGTE KF0EFX-7 08/13 16:23:27z Send another @me phone to handheld test{M1981
KJ7JOC-9 SMSGTE 08/13 16:21:43z Reply @4256775514 ur mom has package to bring in. parker{05
KJ7JOC-9 SMSGTE 08/13 16:19:55z Reply @3607899016 u coming up{04
SMSGTE KF0EFX-9 08/13 16:19:26z Send another @me phone to truck test{M1980
KF0EFX-9 SMSGTE 08/13 16:18:03z Reply @me truck to phone test{08
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 16:15:03z Reply @me BC above alert level. ID-27
SMSGTE KF0CRT-9 08/13 16:14:31z Send another @7195699094 This guy needs to stop for ammo. What's close to where {M1978
SMSGTE N7TNG-7 08/13 16:14:16z Send another @me test{M1977
SMSGTE KF0EFX-7 08/13 16:13:26z Send another @me phone to handheld test{M1974
SMSGTE KF0EFX-7 08/13 16:13:00z Send another @me handheld test{M1973
SMSGTE N7TNG 08/13 16:12:20z Send another @me test{M1972
SMSGTE KE8KWZ-7 08/13 16:10:20z Send another @5134978529 ALSO A TEST{M1979
SMSGTE KF0EFX-7 08/13 16:10:10z Send another @wife wife testing{M1970
SMSGTE KE8KWZ-7 08/13 16:09:25z Send another @5134978529 Also a test{M1975
SMSGTE KF0EFX-9 08/13 16:08:56z Send another @me phone to mobile test{M1976
KE8KWZ-7 SMSGTE 08/13 16:08:14z Reply @5134978529 TEST{03
SMSGTE KF0EFX-7 08/13 16:07:04z Send another @me test{M1967
SMSGTE KI5TKR-7 08/13 16:06:29z Send another @8304314588 Which button do I make it stop scanning with? I forgot!{M1966
KG7NTI-7 SMSGTE 08/13 16:05:57z Reply @9714047372 test1{03
SMSGTE KF0EFX-9 08/13 16:05:54z Send another @wife wife test number one{M1971
SMSGTE NA9X-4 08/13 16:03:32z Send another @rds Test{M1969
NA9X-4 SMSGTE 08/13 16:03:05z Reply @rds correct{64
SMSGTE KI5TKR-7 08/13 16:02:39z Send another @8304314588 10 four{M1965
SMSGTE KF0EFX-9 08/13 16:02:19z Send another @me test{M1968
KE8KWZ-7 SMSGTE 08/13 16:01:51z Reply @5134978529TEST{02
SMSGTE KF0CRT-9 08/13 15:59:28z Send another @7195699094 Got it.{M1964
SMSGTE KD2EDX-9 08/13 15:59:13z Send another @5163193780 Thanks. Got it{M1963
SMSGTE KF0CRT-9 08/13 15:59:08z Send another Message to 7195699094 delivered{C1962
SMSGTE KF0CRT-9 08/13 15:59:03z Send another Message to 7195699094 delivered{C1961
SMSGTE KD2EDX-9 08/13 15:58:43z Send another Message to 5163193780 delivered{C1960
SMSGTE KF0CRT-9 08/13 15:57:33z Send another Message to 5125084744 delivered{C1959
SMSGTE KF0CRT-9 08/13 15:57:28z Send another Message to 5125084744 delivered{C1958
KI5TKR-7 SMSGTE 08/13 15:57:10z Reply @8304314588 on 146-640 kb5tx repeater ifneeded{29
KF0CRT-9 SMSGTE 08/13 15:54:02z Reply @5125084744? y{53
KF0CRT-9 SMSGTE 08/13 15:54:00z Reply @7195699094? this is marsh text this number54
KF0CRT-9 SMSGTE 08/13 15:53:58z Reply @7195699094? this is marsh text this number{54
KD2EDX-9 SMSGTE 08/13 15:53:35z Reply @5163193780? testing{3
KF0CRT-9 SMSGTE 08/13 15:52:25z Reply @5125084744? y53
SMSGTE KD2YSX-7 08/13 15:42:04z Send another @7575725191 ????{M1957
KD2YSX-7 SMSGTE 08/13 15:41:25z Reply @7575725191 FROSTY!{009
SMSGTE KD2YSX-7 08/13 15:39:52z Send another @7575725191 I'm too cool for you{M1956
SMSGTE KD2YSX-7 08/13 15:38:28z Send another @7575725191 I know{M1955
SMSGTE KF0JZM-9 08/13 15:37:40z Send another @5745240309 Y{M1952
SMSGTE KF0JZM-9 08/13 15:37:34z Send another @5745240309 Y{M1951
KD2YSX-7 SMSGTE 08/13 15:35:56z Reply @7575725191 Your hubby says you're hot.{008
SMSGTE NA9X-4 08/13 15:35:32z Send another Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E1954
NA9X-4 SMSGTE 08/13 15:35:32z Reply thank you{63
SMSGTE NA9X-4 08/13 15:35:04z Send another Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E1953
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 15:31:06z Reply @5745240309 test 10
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 15:30:59z Reply @5745240309 test {10
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 15:30:02z Reply @me BC above alert level. ID-19
SMSGTE W1BTR-2 08/13 15:26:28z Send another @6174072244 hello{M1950
VE3KCN SMSGTE 08/13 15:24:07z Reply @5483281405 Sent from the ISS{0N}
N8MOR SMSGTE 08/13 15:04:26z Reply @me tesp42
N8MOR SMSGTE 08/13 15:04:25z Reply @me tesp{42
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 15:00:32z Reply @6159240090 Short Mt Weather NODE is OFFLINE 28
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 15:00:27z Reply @k1ky Short Mt Weather NODE is OFFLINE 28
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 15:00:21z Reply @6159240090 Short Mt Weather Station is OFFLINE 28
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 15:00:16z Reply @k1ky Short Mt Weather Station is OFFLINE 28
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 15:00:02z Reply @me BC above alert level. ID-95
SMSGTE KN6VJZ-7 08/13 14:51:12z Send another @8185844958 Hello hello shin{M1949
SMSGTE KN6VJZ-7 08/13 14:49:11z Send another @8185844958 Hello hello{M1948
KN6VJZ-7 SMSGTE 08/13 14:48:13z Reply @8185844958 Hello{045
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 14:45:02z Reply @me BC above alert level. ID-14
K4LBL-7 SMSGTE 08/13 14:41:11z Reply @me test{52
SMSGTE KF0JZM-9 08/13 14:37:26z Send another @5745240309 Y{M1947
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 14:29:56z Reply @5745240309 TEST09
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 14:29:49z Reply @5745240309 TEST{09
SMSGTE KF0JZM-9 08/13 14:29:28z Send another @5745240309 Woohoo{M1946
KD9VPH-9 SMSGTE 08/13 14:28:13z Reply @2188391166 hey{01
SMSGTE KD9VPH-9 08/13 14:26:53z Send another @2188391166 did this work?{M1945
SMSGTE K4LBL-7 08/13 14:22:47z Send another @me Got it{M1943
SMSGTE K4LBL-7 08/13 14:22:27z Send another @me Test{M1944
SMSGTE KF0JZM-9 08/13 14:12:10z Send another @5745240309 Beep{M1942
SMSGTE KF0JZM-9 08/13 14:09:25z Send another @5745240309 Lalala{M1941
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 14:08:55z Reply @5745240309 test08
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 14:08:54z Reply @5745240309 test{08
SMSGTE KF0JZM-9 08/13 13:57:18z Send another @5745240309 Boop{M1939
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 13:55:53z Reply @5745240309 Test{07
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 13:54:48z Reply @5745240309 Test07
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 13:48:09z Reply @5745240309 Love you too06
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 13:44:56z Reply @5745240309 Love you too{06
SMSGTE KI5HZZ-7 08/13 13:43:55z Send another @dtd wide 1 test A 8 13{M1937
SMSGTE KF0JZM-9 08/13 13:42:20z Send another @5745240309 Love you{M1938
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 13:42:00z Reply @5745240309 Test05
KF0JZM-9 SMSGTE 08/13 13:42:00z Reply @5745240309 Test{05
SMSGTE N7HRZ-9 08/13 11:54:32z Send another @7036269044 test msg N7HRZ-9{M1936
N7HRZ-9 SMSGTE 08/13 11:49:20z Reply @7036269044 test msg N7HRZ-9{10
N7HRZ-9 SMSGTE 08/13 11:43:59z Reply @7036269044 13 aug 2022 pHOne{09
N7HRZ-9 SMSGTE 08/13 11:39:46z Reply @7036269044 13 aug 2022 pHOne{08
SMSGTE N7HRZ-9 08/13 11:35:04z Send another @7036269044 13 aug 2022 FROM pHOne{M1935
SMSGTE N7HRZ-9 08/13 11:33:19z Send another @7036269044 13 aug 2022 FROM pHOne{M1934
SMSGTE N7HRZ-9 08/13 11:30:33z Send another @7036269044 13 aug 2022 FROM pHOne{M1933
N7HRZ-9 SMSGTE 08/13 11:27:23z Reply @7036269044 21 july 2022 FROM pHOne{07
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 11:00:03z Reply @me
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 11:00:02z Reply @me BC above alert level. ID-32
SMSGTE KF0EHU-7 08/13 10:47:46z Send another @5072162174 Yeah I was kind of figuring your phone was out of order{M1932
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 10:15:01z Reply @me BC above alert level. ID-20
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 10:00:34z Reply @k1ky KG4IKT PBX is OFFLINE 73
KM4ACK SMSGTE 08/13 10:00:28z Reply @k1ky AK4FA PBX is OFFLINE 73