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SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:45:10z Send another @6022061488 Final test!{M3747
SMSGTE K7ORV-9 08/04 06:44:06z Send another rej50
K7ORV-9 SMSGTE 08/04 06:44:05z Reply @4259069797 I hav UR back 4 10/8 as promised 4 mtg at least noworry{50
SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:43:37z Send another @6022061488 Sweet{M3746
KJ7DHO-12 SMSGTE 08/04 06:43:19z Reply @6022061488 final time {06
SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:31:46z Send another @6022061488 At phone{M3745
SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:30:28z Send another @6022061488 tesssst{M3744
KJ7DHO-12 SMSGTE 08/04 06:29:03z Reply @6022061488 whats going on{05
SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:27:46z Send another @6022061488 not much{M3743
KO4SCG-11 SMSGTE 08/04 06:27:46z Reply @5108499808 sent via hamradio -joel{03
KJ7DHO-12 SMSGTE 08/04 06:26:41z Reply @6022061488 whats going on{04
SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:26:41z Send another rej04
SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:21:49z Send another @6022061488 test back{M3742
SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:15:13z Send another @6022061488 Test back{M3740
SMSGTE KJ7DHO-12 08/04 06:14:12z Send another @6022061488 123{M3741
KJ7DHO-12 SMSGTE 08/04 06:09:38z Reply @6022061488 test{01
SMSGTE KO4SCG-11 08/04 06:04:47z Send another @5103323232 test back{M3739
KO4SCG-11 SMSGTE 08/04 06:04:06z Reply @5103323232 test{01
SMSGTE N0AJS-7 08/04 05:50:26z Send another @3196100525 Ok. Does it work both ways?{M3738
N0AJS-7 SMSGTE 08/04 05:49:49z Reply @3196100525 test{03
SMSGTE N0AJS-7 08/04 05:48:17z Send another The number 319610525 is invalid{E3737
SMSGTE N0AJS-7 08/04 05:47:15z Send another The number 319610525 is invalid{E3736
N0AJS-7 SMSGTE 08/04 05:47:14z Reply @319610525 test{02
SMSGTE KC1OGR-10 08/04 05:06:32z Send another @8023423168 Received{M3735
SMSGTE KC1OGR-10 08/04 05:05:26z Send another @8023423168 Received{M3734
KC1OGR-10 SMSGTE 08/04 05:04:59z Reply @8023423168 test{2
SMSGTE KC1OGR-10 08/04 05:04:31z Send another Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E3733
KC1OGR-10 SMSGTE 08/04 05:04:31z Reply 8023423168 test{1
N7TNG-10 SMSGTE 08/04 04:43:55z Reply So I hear.{2
SMSGTE N7TNG-10 08/04 04:43:37z Send another @kim That baby is poor.{M3732
N7TNG-10 SMSGTE 08/04 04:42:53z Reply @kim What are you doing?{01}
KF5MSI-5 SMSGTE 08/04 04:31:46z Reply @8326830375 test mobilinkd{1
SMSGTE KX7SAM 08/04 03:40:19z Send another rejHL}
SMSGTE KX7SAM 08/04 03:40:19z Send another The number 6028269995 has been associated with this callsign.{C3731
KX7SAM SMSGTE 08/04 03:40:19z Reply #mynumber add 6028269995{HL}
SMSGTE KX7SAM 08/04 03:37:36z Send another @KJ7ZRW thanks{M3730
SMSGTE KX7SAM 08/04 03:37:00z Send another rejHK}
KX7SAM SMSGTE 08/04 03:37:00z Reply @6028269995 test{HK}
SMSGTE KN6FUZ 08/04 03:24:51z Send another @6197569828 Test SAT.{M3729
SMSGTE KE8LUC-3 08/04 03:00:19z Send another @KE8LUC test back{M3728
N6GRG-9 SMSGTE 08/04 02:58:00z Reply @5304108678 Test{5
KN6FUZ SMSGTE 08/04 02:42:55z Reply @6197569828 Testing radio Victor {12
SMSGTE AG7FU 08/04 02:36:37z Send another @5038062176 successful test from Ag7ex. Ken{M3727
KN6FUZ SMSGTE 08/04 02:32:35z Reply @6197569828 Testing radio Victor {11
SMSGTE VA7BAD-9 08/04 02:24:45z Send another @2502533542 Babe{M3726
SMSGTE VA7BAD-9 08/04 02:24:21z Send another @2502533542 Okay{M3725
VA7BAD-9 SMSGTE 08/04 02:23:10z Reply @2502533542 Hi Mav{11
VA7BAD-9 SMSGTE 08/04 02:17:56z Reply k{10
VA7BAD-9 SMSGTE 08/04 02:15:45z Reply Hi Mav{9
VA7BAD-9 SMSGTE 08/04 02:12:48z Reply Hi Mav{8
NT7R-1 SMSGTE 08/04 01:59:40z Reply @ron testing from pi control '73{01}
KO4CMH-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:58:50z Reply @2024924298 test hi{01
SMSGTE KO4CMH-7 08/04 01:58:08z Send another @2024924298 Hi back{M3720
KO4CMH-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:57:44z Reply @2024924298 test2{02
SMSGTE KD2EVC-7 08/04 01:40:29z Send another Your position was sent to @me{C3718
SMSGTE KD2EVC-7 08/04 01:40:28z Send another rej90
KD2EVC-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:40:28z Reply #mapme @me{90
SMSGTE KD2EVC-7 08/04 01:38:05z Send another The number me is invalid{C3717
SMSGTE KD2EVC-7 08/04 01:38:05z Send another rej89
KD2EVC-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:38:05z Reply #mapme me{89
SMSGTE KE5DTT-5 08/04 01:37:56z Send another @me Reply back{M3716
SMSGTE KE5DTT-5 08/04 01:37:31z Send another rej9ABEA
KE5DTT-5 SMSGTE 08/04 01:37:30z Reply @me over 7800R{9ABEA
SMSGTE KC3SMC 08/04 01:31:09z Send another @2403443451 SMSGTE @KC3SMC test2{M3715
W0UNZ-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:29:17z Reply @6607234691 HELLO{001
KJ7URI-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:19:37z Reply @wife are you cominghome?{33
SMSGTE K0SHD-3 08/04 01:14:19z Send another @6052702223 Test 4 RR{M3713
K0SHD-3 SMSGTE 08/04 01:14:03z Reply @6052702223 test4{93
SMSGTE K0SHD-3 08/04 01:12:24z Send another @6052702223 Rrr{M3712
SMSGTE K0SHD-3 08/04 01:11:48z Send another @6052702223 Rr1{M3711
KJ7RNY-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:09:26z Reply ?ping{18
SMSGTE K0SHD-3 08/04 01:08:59z Send another @6052702223 Rr. How me?{M3710
SMSGTE K0SHD-3 08/04 01:08:38z Send another rej92
K0SHD-3 SMSGTE 08/04 01:08:37z Reply @6052702223 test3{92
KF7RLJ SMSGTE 08/04 01:04:01z Reply @8018793695 Hello{1
SMSGTE KF7RLJ 08/04 01:02:57z Send another @KF7RLJ Test{M3709
SMSGTE KJ7RNY-7 08/04 01:01:55z Send another There are no pending messages for your callsign{Q3708
KJ7RNY-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:01:55z Reply ?aprsm{17
SMSGTE KD1JAK-7 08/04 01:01:03z Send another The number 7074783640 has been associated with this callsign.{C3707
KD1JAK-7 SMSGTE 08/04 01:01:02z Reply #mynumber add 7074783640{3
VA7BAD-9 SMSGTE 08/04 01:00:14z Reply ok{7
SMSGTE VA7BAD-9 08/04 00:58:46z Send another @2505177874 Test back{M3706
SMSGTE KF7RLJ 08/04 00:50:55z Send another @KF7RLJ Test{M3705
KM6LBW-7 SMSGTE 08/04 00:44:51z Reply @8189292522 testing{14
KD1JAK-7 SMSGTE 08/04 00:33:25z Reply @7074783640 test 2{2
SMSGTE KD1JAK-7 08/04 00:30:45z Send another Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E3704
KD1JAK-7 SMSGTE 08/04 00:30:44z Reply Test 1{1
SMSGTE W7FSC-7 08/04 00:30:12z Send another @8168057794 OK{M3703
W7FSC-7 SMSGTE 08/04 00:29:44z Reply @8168057794 On the way{04
SMSGTE W6YNE-7 08/04 00:03:38z Send another @W6YNE how many pizzas do you want?{M3702
KD9SPR-7 SMSGTE 08/03 23:55:30z Reply @et hi <3 dad{08
SMSGTE KJ7ZYK-9 08/03 23:46:35z Send another @5419128307 Finally{M3701
SMSGTE KJ7ZYK-9 08/03 23:45:55z Send another Message to 5419128307 delivered{C3700
KJ7ZYK-9 SMSGTE 08/03 23:45:52z Reply @5419128307? testing day 2{72
SMSGTE KJ7ZYK-9 08/03 23:40:21z Send another @5419128307 Testing{M3699
W6TKD-7 SMSGTE 08/03 23:34:39z Reply @t ft8 on 20m?{78
SMSGTE W6TKD-7 08/03 23:34:38z Send another rej78
SMSGTE KJ7ZYK-9 08/03 23:32:42z Send another @5419128307 Testing{M3698
SMSGTE KJ7ZYK-9 08/03 23:32:16z Send another @5419128307 Testing{M3697
KC3SMC SMSGTE 08/03 23:28:07z Reply @2403443451 test{000