PE1NTN messages

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SP6NRA PE1NTN 08/22 07:10:35z Reply heard in JO81MC de SP6NRA{M0002
OK2IPW PE1NTN 08/21 09:37:48z Reply 73{80
EC5M PE1NTN 08/21 06:21:06z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
SP6NRA PE1NTN 08/19 07:55:39z Reply jo81mc sp6nra{M0005
EC4TR PE1NTN 08/17 09:29:56z Reply 73 Luis EC4TR IN80er{68
ON4QI PE1NTN 08/16 11:54:25z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
G4CKS PE1NTN 08/16 10:15:36z Reply QSL in IO91vl, QSL ?
CT1EBQ PE1NTN 08/15 12:40:18z Reply Gretings from Portugal, de Ricardo {EBQ33}
CT1EBQ PE1NTN 08/15 12:40:12z Reply 73 via ISS IM58hr, QSL see {EBQ61}
CT1EBQ PE1NTN 08/15 12:40:07z Reply Heard you via Sat, 73 de Ricardo {EBQ48}
M0CFV PE1NTN 08/13 12:38:28z Reply QSL in IO91um - QSL ?
M0CFV PE1NTN 08/13 11:04:05z Reply Hi from Blazej IO91um - QSL ?
IW7DOL PE1NTN 08/12 10:11:38z Reply 73 QSL? de IW7DOL
UW5ELK-7 PE1NTN 08/10 21:31:10z Reply QSL 73!{1
M0CFV PE1NTN 08/05 15:43:16z Reply Hello from Blazej in London UK
SA0BSV PE1NTN 08/04 13:17:49z Reply Hello from Sweden via ISS JO89xb
IN3EIQ PE1NTN 08/02 16:32:22z Reply Ciao de Nora IN3EIQ Italy
M7SYN-7 PE1NTN 07/20 23:29:43z Reply Michael I091 ISS{10
IZ7AUH PE1NTN 07/20 20:22:10z Reply 73 de IZ7AUH QSL?