NR5ON-5 messages

fromtotime message
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE-RN 06/02 16:02:37z Send another testing SSID alias{1
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 16:01:17z Send another @rn testing alias{7
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 16:01:17z Reply rej7
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 15:35:17z Reply This command is not available from APRS{C4997
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 15:35:17z Send another #password set RMHamR21{6
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 15:33:01z Reply The number 5056904220 has been associated with this callsign.{C4996
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 15:31:30z Send another #mynumber add 5056904220{5
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 15:31:14z Reply rej5
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 15:30:11z Reply rej4
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 15:30:10z Send another @5056904220 testit{4
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 15:28:17z Reply rej3
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 15:28:16z Send another @5056904220 widget{3
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 15:26:49z Reply rej2
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 15:26:48z Send another #mynumber add 5056904220{2
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 15:26:13z Reply rej1
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 15:26:13z Send another #mynumber add 5056904220{1
SMSGTE NR5ON-5 06/02 02:19:00z Reply @KE5ZBG test{M4942
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 02:17:53z Send another @5056991612 Message from APRS Droid. - Dad{3
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 02:16:58z Send another @5056991612 Message from APRS Droid. - Dad{2
NR5ON-5 SMSGTE 06/02 02:14:32z Send another @5056904220 Test of messaging.{1