NN4H-5 messages

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NN4H-5 K4RAY-7 09/18 00:50:18z Send another sure is. gotta figure out why from ht not getting thru{3
K4RAY-7 NN4H-5 09/18 00:49:37z Reply nice its pretty cool{03
NN4H-5 K4RAY-7 09/18 00:47:00z Send another QSL. copy good on APRS TX{2
K4RAY-7 NN4H-5 09/18 00:46:25z Reply RRR hows the copy{02
K4RAY-7 NN4H-5 09/18 00:43:59z Reply Hi from Lake Cumberland{01
NN4H-5 K4RAY-7 09/18 00:42:23z Send another Hi from Lake Cumberland{1
NN4H-5 KE0YTP-9 09/03 20:27:17z Send another got the msg{2
KE0YTP-9 NN4H-5 09/03 19:24:26z Reply hello larry{16
NN4H-5 KE0YTP-9 09/03 19:04:50z Send another Hello from Somerset, KY{1
NN4H-5 NN4H-7 08/24 20:36:04z Send another hi{3
NN4H-7 NN4H-5 08/24 20:19:15z Reply Hi from EM76mw in KY{6
NN4H-5 NN4H-7 08/24 20:18:31z Send another test{2
NN4H-5 NN4H-7 08/24 20:16:13z Send another Test{1
NN4H-5 KY4RW-7 08/23 16:35:00z Send another test from iOS TX app{1
NN4H-5 WB9YCZ-5 07/29 18:26:59z Send another Hello from Jabez, KY{1