NA1SS messages

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9Z4QA-10 NA1SS 05/12 23:46:26z Reply hello from tobago{DF}
W4RTX-7 NA1SS 05/07 14:32:33z Reply ?aprst{20
W4RTX-7 NA1SS 05/07 14:03:43z Reply ?aprst{17
KF0BMD-6 NA1SS 05/07 07:45:38z Reply Have Yagi data !1200 Baud 8 BitsISS Packet Xfer{77
KF0BMD-6 NA1SS 05/07 06:08:41z Reply Good Morning :-)1200 Baud 8 BitsFrom Denver,CO:){74
9Z4QA-10 NA1SS 05/07 01:14:37z Reply hello from tobago{GL}
DS2BWU NA1SS 05/06 22:43:13z Reply Hi de ds2bwu
VE7MDS-5 NA1SS 05/06 19:42:10z Reply Looks like your home and antenna went for a little walk today. {2
LU3EMB NA1SS 05/06 15:24:38z Reply 73 FROM BUENOS AIRES
LU3EMB NA1SS 05/06 15:24:10z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.3
KC7MG-9 NA1SS 05/04 15:00:32z Reply Hello from Jack in grid DM42 Arizona
K5DNA NA1SS 05/04 15:00:12z Reply 73s from EM35{21
JF3SNJ NA1SS 05/04 14:35:42z Reply Hello and 73 via ISS
KF0BMD-6 NA1SS 05/04 13:21:26z Reply Have Yagi data !Good Morning :-)Data RCVD by ISS{71
YC9DCK NA1SS 05/04 02:50:47z Reply Keep Safe and Healthy
LU2WBA-10 NA1SS 05/03 21:00:06z Reply !4552.06S/06729.39Wy - 73s from Patagonia Argentina !{44
LU2WBA-10 NA1SS 05/03 20:56:15z Reply !4552.06S/06729.39Wy - 73s from Patagonia Argentina !{39
KJ7TLV NA1SS 05/03 14:23:53z Reply QSL de KJ7TLV CN87VR 73!{AZ}
TA5AJS-5 NA1SS 05/03 14:20:16z Reply TURKEY in MERSIN TA5AJS 73{1
TA5AJS-5 NA1SS 05/03 14:16:16z Reply Welcome TURKEY in MERSIN TA5AJS 73{2
K5DNA NA1SS 05/03 14:13:45z Reply 73s from EM35{17
K5DNA NA1SS 05/03 14:10:40z Reply 73s from EM35{11
KF0BMD-6 NA1SS 05/03 12:31:23z Reply ISS Packet Xfer1200 Baud 8 BitsFrom Denver,CO:){69
EI4GXB-2 NA1SS 05/03 12:01:57z Reply test{KL}
KF0BMD-6 NA1SS 05/03 09:17:45z Reply Space ISS PacketSpace Command OK{66
IK7FMQ NA1SS 05/03 03:12:42z Reply RST 599 QTH LECCE JN90CI
AI4LL-6 NA1SS 05/02 15:01:39z Reply 73 FROM EM97XA
EA1CQP-6 NA1SS 05/02 08:41:31z Reply Hello from Benavente, Spain
SV3CIX NA1SS 05/02 07:16:44z Reply *** XRISTOS ANESTH *** via ( ISS )
EA1CQP-6 NA1SS 05/02 07:06:55z Reply Good job - 73 from Benavente
9V1DT-7 NA1SS 05/02 04:23:08z Reply =0121.15N/10342.30E - via ISS{4
9V1DT-7 NA1SS 05/02 04:22:07z Reply =0121.15N/10342.30E{7
9V1DT-7 NA1SS 05/02 04:20:56z Reply =0121.15N/10342.30E- 9V1DT Singapore{1
9V1DT-7 NA1SS 05/02 04:20:45z Reply =0121.15N/10342.30E{6
9V1DT-7 NA1SS 05/02 04:19:46z Reply =0121.15N/10342.30E-{5
KO4AXL-9 NA1SS 05/02 02:57:50z Reply Hello de ko4axl{1
DS2BWU NA1SS 05/02 01:04:54z Reply Hi Good morning
R3PJR NA1SS 05/02 00:47:08z Reply QSL? de Pavel - R3PJR
KF0BMD-11 NA1SS 04/30 16:31:14z Reply Beam Me Up Captain @DM79nq{58
KA5OOW-7 NA1SS 04/30 15:00:46z Reply QSL FM14{20
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/30 14:56:16z Reply hello from illinois{51
KD8LNO NA1SS 04/30 11:38:42z Reply Hello, de KD8LNO{NO}
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/30 07:07:52z Reply ONL 4332 tnx fer report dl3rce{32
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/30 07:06:22z Reply ONL 4332 tnx fer report dl3rce{30
EA6AMR NA1SS 04/29 15:56:54z Reply HOLA{BI}
KF0BMD-6 NA1SS 04/29 15:43:33z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'Space Command OK{58
KF0BMD-6 NA1SS 04/29 14:04:20z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'Space Command OK{57
PC1L-2 NA1SS 04/29 07:54:35z Reply TEST{68
PC1L-2 NA1SS 04/29 07:53:06z Reply PC1L JO20UU{66
VK6HAE-7 NA1SS 04/29 06:51:50z Reply TNX 73{07
JA3FWT NA1SS 04/29 00:16:37z Reply GM FROM KYOTO JAPAN
K5DNA NA1SS 04/28 16:32:00z Reply 73s from EM35{89
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/28 14:51:10z Reply good morning{82
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/28 14:50:55z Reply good morning{81
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/28 14:48:43z Reply good morning{78
KF0BMD-6 NA1SS 04/28 11:39:25z Reply Space Command OKMsg Rcvd QSL 73'{50
IT9BOF NA1SS 04/28 08:46:36z Reply 73 bye bye
KF0BMD-9 NA1SS 04/27 12:26:40z Reply Your Orbit & Trajectory Nominal+{53
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/27 06:17:53z Reply ONL 4332 Karel Valkiers tnx fer report 24/04/2021 DL3RCE{19
9Z4DZ-1 NA1SS 04/26 16:41:06z Reply Have a wonderful day, 73 de 9Z4DZ
K5DNA NA1SS 04/26 16:33:12z Reply 73s from EM35{83
KD9QOG-1 NA1SS 04/26 14:38:52z Reply NA1SS - Happy Monday!{PA}
K5DNA NA1SS 04/26 11:40:01z Reply 73s from EM35{72
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/26 07:07:08z Reply 73 55 to ONL 4332 KAREL VALKIERS de DL3RCE{13
AJ6HO NA1SS 04/25 18:48:31z Reply NA1ss DE AJ6HO {ZG}
KD8LNO NA1SS 04/25 14:08:36z Reply de KD8LNO{EN}
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 14:01:32z Reply HELLO FROM ILLINOIS
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:34:34z Reply hell from illinois HAVE A GREAT DAY{47
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:30:57z Reply hell from illinois HAVE A GREAT DAY{45
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:30:50z Reply hell from illinois HAVE A GREAT DAY{46
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:25:26z Reply hell from illinois HAVE A GREAT DAY{39
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:24:28z Reply hell from illinois HAVE A GREAT DAY{43
KF0BMD-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:24:23z Reply 2 to Beam up Please! At DM79nq{43
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:23:09z Reply hell from illinois HAVE A GREAT DAY{42
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:22:57z Reply hell from illinois HAVE A GREAT DAY{40
KB9VIC-9 NA1SS 04/25 12:22:47z Reply hell from illinois HAVE A GREAT DAY{41
XE3N-1 NA1SS 04/25 09:09:54z Reply BUENOS DIAS!
XE3N-1 NA1SS 04/25 09:06:26z Reply Nice to hear Your packet, 73's
XE3N-1 NA1SS 04/25 09:04:38z Reply Hello de XE3N grid EL60
ON4QI NA1SS 04/25 06:13:05z Reply 73 Thomas Pesquet et bonne journée a tous
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/24 16:22:35z Reply tnx{31
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/24 14:43:19z Reply tnx{23
CU2JX-1 NA1SS 04/24 13:30:22z Reply 73{SC}
K9NBG NA1SS 04/24 13:12:22z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{46
KF0BMD-9 NA1SS 04/24 11:32:35z Reply Crew2 has arrived! Beer Kegs Ok?{37
ON4QI NA1SS 04/24 10:14:03z Reply bon séjour Thomas Pesquet
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/24 08:40:29z Reply 73 55{96
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/24 08:39:39z Reply test{95
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/24 08:38:57z Reply TEST{94
DL3RCE NA1SS 04/24 07:02:17z Reply test test{91
KF0BMD-9 NA1SS 04/23 18:49:26z Reply ISS Hotel - Vistors Coming Up :){35
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/23 18:46:46z Reply and.w{06
KE7RTB-7 NA1SS 04/23 18:43:56z Reply hello{07
K5DNA NA1SS 04/23 17:16:36z Reply 73s from EM35{64
TA2AWR NA1SS 04/23 11:10:04z Reply ulusal egemenlik ve cocuk bayrami kutlu olsun 73 de TA2AWR{10
UB4CJB-5 NA1SS 04/23 09:44:25z Reply UB4CJB{2
UB4CJB-5 NA1SS 04/23 09:44:25z Reply UB4CJB{1