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KN4ORB-5 N4LRY 04/17 16:38:10z Reply You too!{11
N4LRY KN4ORB-5 04/17 16:37:57z Send another Hope you have a good day!{8
KN4ORB-5 N4LRY 04/17 16:28:14z Reply Wish I was outdoors{10
KN4ORB-5 N4LRY 04/17 16:28:08z Reply Doing pretty well{9
N4LRY W4CEC B 04/17 15:58:18z Send another Mornin', Chris!{1
N4LRY KN4ORB-5 04/17 15:57:35z Send another How're you doing today?{7
KN4ORB-5 N4LRY 04/17 15:47:02z Reply Nice!{8
N4LRY KN4ORB-5 04/17 14:59:00z Send another Mornin'! Great morning for a trail cleanup!{6
KN4ORB-5 N4LRY 04/17 14:12:57z Reply Good morning{7
N4LRY KN4ORB-5 04/10 19:06:31z Send another Sos sorry, just seeing this now that I'm home. How are you today?{5
KN4ORB-5 N4LRY 04/10 17:58:30z Reply Meet on 444.525?{6