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N2RO-3 KB2JCG-2 06/20 21:21:33z Send another Glad to see it working.{06}
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 06/16 02:01:43z Send another Thursday is ok with me. Will call you tomorrow.{05}VH
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 06/15 12:57:00z Reply Hi Ed. I left you a voicemail. Give me a call when you can{VH}04
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 06/15 04:39:32z Send another wednwsday around 1:00 pm?{04}VG
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 06/15 04:39:02z Send another How about{03}VG
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 06/13 11:15:09z Reply good morning Ed. sure whats a good day for you{VG}03
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 06/12 22:19:18z Send another How about getting together next week?{03}VF
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 06/11 10:20:27z Reply good morning Ed doing not so bad.. Up here till Oct{VF}02
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 06/11 02:04:17z Send another High Je3ff. How are you doing?{02}
W2FDH N2RO-3 06/01 19:35:11z Reply Good Afternoon Ed de vFrank/W2FDH (KB2VYZ){00
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 06/01 00:20:30z Reply day{VH}
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 06/01 00:20:29z Reply good evening Ed. Were up here for the summer. Have a good Memorial+{VG}
KE5KTU-7 N2RO-3 05/31 23:39:59z Reply looking for C4FM{51
N2RO-3 KB2JCG-1 04/18 02:39:38z Send another Hi Walt{01}