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N2NVY EMAIL-2 01/05 16:04:16z Send another JAY@N2NVY.COM TEST MSG FM N2NVY{03}
EMAIL-2 N2NVY 01/05 16:03:03z Reply Email sent to JAY@N2NVY.COM{GR}03
N2NVY KN4KWA-1 01/05 15:59:16z Send another TEST MSG FM N2NVY{05}
N2NVY CALL-! :M 01/05 15:12:53z Send another SSAGES{05}
EMAIL-2 N2NVY 12/28 06:00:07z Reply Email sent to JAY@N2NVY.COM{DN}03
N2NVY EMAIL-2 12/28 05:57:07z Send another JAY@N2NVY.COM TEST EMAIL{03}
N2NVY SMSGTE 12/28 05:55:22z Send another @8083664585 MESSAGE{04}
N2NVY EMAIL-2 12/28 05:47:55z Send another JAY@N2NVY.COM THIS IS A TEST2