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N1HMT KO4KXH 05/04 13:29:39z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS????@@@@??b???@`??b??@a?:KO4KXH :QSL and 73 via ISS
KO4KXH N1HMT 05/04 13:29:14z Reply QSL. Add QSO To LOTW QSL?
N1HMT Heard 05/03 12:39:46z Send another W1QC,WB4FAY,K1WY,KL7JKC-6,VE3MDX,K3DQB,VE3FFB,K0KOC-1,KM4VHX-1,????@@@@??b???@`??b??@a?:Heard :KC9MEG,KC2WA-9,VE2PLE,N1HMT-1,W9QO,KO4IYC-6
KM4VHX-1 N1HMT 05/03 12:37:58z Reply heard you via ISS in FM18, QSL?
VE3MDX N1HMT 05/03 11:59:12z Reply My first ISS contact. Thanks for the QSL
N1HMT KN2K 05/01 14:13:36z Send another Hi Ray!????@@@@??b???@`??b??@a?:KN2K :Hi Ray!
N1HMT KN2K 05/01 14:13:27z Send another Hi Ray!
K4BWI N1HMT 04/29 14:47:36z Reply Heard you here in FM18! '73 have a great day
KN2K N1HMT 04/29 14:14:12z Reply HI HI
KN2K N1HMT 04/29 14:13:41z Reply 73
KN2K N1HMT 04/29 14:11:54z Reply 59 FM18 QSL?
KO4KXH N1HMT 04/27 14:07:25z Reply QSL. Add QSO to LOTW? QSL?
N1HMT Heard 04/27 12:35:12z Send another VE3TSV-9,K1WY,KB3AWQ-10,VE3FFB,VA2KK,AC2KU-2,K0KOC-1,N1NCB-1,????@@@@??b???@`??b??@a?:Heard :NA1SS
KC9ELU N1HMT 04/26 15:15:53z Reply RRR - saw you - 73
KO4KXH N1HMT 04/26 14:56:15z Reply QSL add QSO to LOTW. QSL?
VA2KK N1HMT 04/26 13:30:04z Reply Bonjour from VA2KK in Montreal - We were on same ISS pass. Great{1
K9JKM N1HMT 04/25 15:42:09z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
N1HMT VE2PLE 04/25 14:07:13z Send another Bon Jour mon ami! 73
VA2KK N1HMT 04/24 11:46:13z Reply Also heard you in Montreal Quebec 73{1
W1ZFG N1HMT 04/23 15:42:45z Reply QSL & Tnx for reply!
W1ZFG N1HMT 04/23 15:41:51z Reply Hello
VA2KK N1HMT 04/22 16:46:31z Reply bon jour a vous aussi mon ami{08
VA2KK N1HMT 04/22 16:46:06z Reply bon jour a vous aussi mon ami{07
VA2KK N1HMT 04/22 16:40:57z Reply bon jour a vous aussi mon ami{06
KO4KXH N1HMT 04/22 16:32:56z Reply QSL FROM MATT IN FM 16 UW
W1ZFG N1HMT 04/22 16:29:40z Reply QSL Heard you too
KC9YTT N1HMT 04/22 16:27:32z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
WB8JAY N1HMT 04/22 16:25:54z Reply QSL and Tnx de WB8JAY
N1HMT VA2KK 04/22 14:52:51z Send another Bon Jour mon ami!
N1HMT VE2PLE 04/22 14:51:38z Send another BonJour mon ami!
K9NBG N1HMT 04/22 11:37:13z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS from IL{17
KI4ASK-7 N1HMT 04/22 11:34:50z Reply 73 via ISS{3
N1RCN N1HMT 04/19 18:53:22z Reply n1rcn EL87 Florida
VA3JSZ-7 N1HMT 04/19 14:00:20z Reply 73 de James in FN15IV{1
W9BOQ-1 N1HMT 04/19 13:58:53z Reply 599
KB2MN-7 N1HMT 04/18 18:01:37z Reply hi frm NJ{1
KN2K N1HMT 04/18 18:01:10z Reply 59 FM18 QSL
WN9M N1HMT 04/18 17:59:50z Reply 73 de EN55
WN9M N1HMT 04/18 17:59:04z Reply 599 in EN55
KD9RDO N1HMT 04/18 15:51:52z Reply Hi from EM59!de Shane - Illinois{62
N3CRT N1HMT 04/16 13:06:24z Reply QSL and 73
N3CRT N1HMT 04/16 13:05:56z Reply HI FROM CHARLIE IN FN20 QSL?
N8URE N1HMT 04/16 13:05:28z Reply de Stephen FM19{34
N1HMT WA2FHJ 04/12 17:59:38z Send another Hi Doug
N8TAR-7 N1HMT 04/12 16:14:17z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN82{68
N8TAR-7 N1HMT 04/12 16:13:48z Reply Heard you via ISS, MI EN82{67
KN2K N1HMT 04/12 14:41:37z Reply QSL
N1RCN N1HMT 04/12 14:38:00z Reply Hello From Florida via ISS
WA2NDV-13 N1HMT 04/11 18:42:43z Reply QSL DE FRANK IN FN30
WA2FHJ N1HMT 04/11 18:42:22z Reply hi doug fn13
N1HMT VE3FFB 04/11 17:03:54z Send another Heard you in Danvers,MA.
W4BCX-3 N1HMT 04/11 15:28:18z Reply call@amsat.org Hello...
KD9PLJ-5 N1HMT 04/10 17:59:51z Reply I saw your ISS beacon 8 minutes ago. 73 KD9PLJ - Eric{1
VE3YTP N1HMT 04/10 17:52:26z Reply QSL & 73{47
VE3YTP N1HMT 04/10 17:51:22z Reply Heard in FN03{45
K0PHP N1HMT 04/10 16:13:45z Reply k0php@arrl.net Hello...
N1HMT W4BCX-3 04/10 14:35:26z Send another Hello From Larry FN42mn in MA
W4BCX-3 N1HMT 04/10 14:34:52z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.3
W1QC N1HMT 04/08 22:42:06z Reply W1QC in EN54 heard you via ISS. 73
N1HMT K4KDR-6 04/08 22:41:28z Send another Catch you another time! 73 N1HMT
K4KDR-6 N1HMT 04/08 22:41:00z Reply QSL - 73!!
N1HMT K4KDR-6 04/08 22:40:58z Send another Heard you in Danvers,MA.
K4KDR-6 N1HMT 04/08 22:40:45z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N1HMT WA2FHJ 04/08 21:06:09z Send another we meet again 73!
KC1NYZ-9 N1HMT 04/08 21:06:08z Reply 599 DE Brian Boston MA FN42{14
WE4B N1HMT 04/08 17:45:10z Reply Hi! EM62 in AL QSL?{90
K9NBG N1HMT 04/04 21:00:00z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{52
VA3EJN N1HMT 04/04 17:45:51z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS