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KQ6DI KQ6DI-11 08/26 15:06:56z Send another ?APRSP
KC6JHF-2 KQ6DI 08/04 22:45:07z Reply I need to leave. ending monitoring{0P}
KC6JHF-2 KQ6DI 08/04 21:27:02z Reply I am monitoring{0O}
KO6TH KQ6DI 08/04 17:15:53z Reply Yay! Glad to be of some help. 73!{KQ}HO
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/04 17:15:35z Send another Yep. done, and thank you again.{HO}
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/04 17:14:33z Send another trying my fix{HN}
KQ6DI N2ZRC 08/04 16:47:32z Send another works. thanks for having the station available{IY}
KQ6DI N2ZRC 08/04 16:47:08z Send another just my test. no reply necessary{IX}
KQ6DI KC6JHF-2 08/04 16:45:43z Send another In the mountains. U there?{IW}
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/04 16:16:33z Send another OK, now I'm getting a BIG clue{IV}
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/04 16:16:16z Send another test 3{IU}
KQ6DI KC6JHF-2 08/04 16:15:22z Send another testing from mountains{IT}
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/04 16:05:29z Send another test 2 from field{IS}
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/04 16:04:22z Send another test from the field{IR}
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/03 18:44:09z Send another another test from home. I think I have a clue 4 tomorrow{OH}
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 21:06:53z Reply test..{07}
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 20:08:38z Reply I'll try messaging again when I get done. May be tomorrow.{0A}CY
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 20:06:42z Reply I'm using an OLD version of Xastir. Building new one from source.{09}CY
KQ6DI KC6JHF-2 08/02 18:16:29z Send another just a test{OG}
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/02 18:15:19z Send another Good! while at home I get an {OE}
KQ6DI KO6TH 08/02 18:14:45z Send another just a test. no reply necessary{OD}
KQ6DI KC6JHF-2 08/02 18:06:11z Send another just a test from home{OC}
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 18:04:15z Reply AA:Autoreply- No one is at the keyboard{08}CY
KQ6DI K8HSQ 08/02 17:09:14z Send another I get ack from you, and Autoreply not at Keyboard. its working{CY}07
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 17:08:33z Reply AA:Autoreply- No one is at the keyboard{07}CX
KQ6DI K8HSQ 08/02 17:08:32z Send another there is an Ack box in the message box.{CX}06
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 17:08:07z Reply AA:Autoreply- No one is at the keyboard{06}CW
KQ6DI K8HSQ 08/02 17:08:06z Send another I have 4 newer messages from you. {CW}04
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 15:50:34z Reply I have not used messaging for several years.{05}CV
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 15:49:30z Reply No ACKs from any of these messages either. Do you see any going out{04}CV
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 15:48:44z Reply I'll figure it out one of these days. HI HI.{03}CV
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 15:47:59z Reply Not sure why it's not working. Worked for me before.{02}CV
K8HSQ KQ6DI 08/02 15:47:25z Reply I tried a local station and didn't get an ACK either.{01}CV
KQ6DI K8HSQ 08/02 15:37:10z Send another odd. should be working{CV}
KN6EHB-10 KQ6DI 08/02 00:24:22z Reply Greetings Arnold KQ6DI KN6EHB{PL}CU
KQ6DI KN6EHB-10 08/02 00:17:04z Send another Thanks for msg. I have you on my list for possible ping / test{CU}
KN6EHB-10 KQ6DI 08/01 22:51:45z Reply Greetings Arnold KQ6DI KN6EHB{PL}
KQ6DI KC6JHF-2 08/01 21:12:46z Send another Thanks{CT}0N
KC6JHF-2 KQ6DI 08/01 21:07:43z Reply saw your email. I will be around in the PM on Wednesday{0N}
KQ6DI N6FBA-7 08/01 18:51:56z Send another just a test{CS}
N2ZRC KQ6DI 08/01 18:42:24z Reply Gud luck es 73 de Arte{MD}CR
KQ6DI N2ZRC 08/01 18:41:14z Send another I'll keep yours on the list{CR}MC
N2ZRC KQ6DI 08/01 18:40:51z Reply RX ur AA no ACK via IS.{MC}CQ
KQ6DI N2ZRC 08/01 18:40:25z Send another Thanks. IS only is fine as I only need to check RF on my end.{CQ}MB
N2ZRC KQ6DI 08/01 18:38:13z Reply N2ZRC QRV via IS only QTH NJ{MB}
KQ6DI N2ZRC 08/01 18:34:59z Send another AA:Sorry, away from this computer