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KO4AXL-10 KO4MNN-9 07/17 22:26:15z Send another 73 from newton! Be back on the air around 5. Will try .450 later{2
KO4AXL-10 KO4CJR-5 07/01 16:18:06z Send another Hey there! Haven't seen you on in a while. {1
WXBOT KO4AXL-10 06/25 12:40:37z Reply ecoming northeast around 6 mph in the afternoon.{WR
WXBOT KO4AXL-10 06/25 12:40:32z Reply Lincolnton NC. Today,Mostly sunny, with a high near 82. Calm wind b{WQ
KO4AXL-10 WXBOT 06/25 12:40:25z Send another Today full{2
NI4JM-7 KO4AXL-10 06/19 15:42:18z Reply You too!{5
KO4AXL-10 NI4JM-7 06/19 15:41:21z Send another Same here. Humidity high too. 73 and take care John!{5
NI4JM-7 KO4AXL-10 06/19 15:39:53z Reply 87 degrees here in Clover{4
NI4JM-7 KO4AXL-10 06/19 15:39:24z Reply Very good.. Enjoy the day Tim! Getting HOT again {3
KO4AXL-10 NI4JM-7 06/19 15:37:44z Send another Always a good thing. Sitting here waiting on my vehicle to be svced{4
NI4JM-7 KO4AXL-10 06/19 15:37:01z Reply Yes Sir! Hanging out with grandbaby.{2
KO4AXL-10 NI4JM-7 06/19 15:35:46z Send another Hope all is well. {3
NI4JM-7 KO4AXL-10 06/19 15:35:14z Reply Good morning sir!{1
KO4AXL-10 NI4JM-7 06/19 14:49:41z Send another Morning from HKY! {1
KO4AXL-10 NI4JM-7 06/19 14:48:14z Send another How goes it?{2
WXBOT KO4AXL-10 06/15 02:38:29z Reply nd 5 to 11 mph.{RD
WXBOT KO4AXL-10 06/15 02:38:24z Reply 3 Miles W Startown NC. Tuesday,Sunny, with a high near 86. North wi{RC
KO4AXL-10 WXBOT 06/15 02:38:16z Send another Tomorrow full{1
KO4AXL-10 KO4CEF-9 06/09 02:13:08z Send another Hello de KO4AXL Bessemer city NC. QSL?{1
KO4AXL-10 KM4WLS-10 06/09 02:12:36z Send another Hi de KO4AXL Bessemer city NC{1
KO4AXL-10 QRU 06/09 02:11:39z Send another INFO 500{10
KO4AXL-10 QRU 06/09 02:11:30z Send another INFO{9
KO4AXL-10 CQ 06/09 02:10:25z Send another Hello de KO4AXL {8
ANSRVR KO4AXL-10 06/09 02:09:55z Reply 3 Members In CQ
ANSRVR KO4AXL-10 06/09 02:09:55z Reply Members[CQ]: KJ4ERJ-12 YO3FVR NB0X-1
ANSRVR KO4AXL-10 06/09 02:09:55z Reply CQ(3) CQ Calling Channel Own:KJ4ERJ-12
KO4AXL-10 ANSRVR 06/09 02:09:55z Send another D cq{40
KO4AXL-10 KO4L-5 06/09 02:00:40z Send another Hello de KO4AXL Bessemer city nc{1
KO4AXL-10 KN4MGS-9 06/09 01:59:50z Send another Hi de KO4AXL{1
ANSRVR KO4AXL-10 06/06 09:56:52z Reply N:CQ Removed From Group
KO4CWF-7 KO4AXL-10 06/06 03:14:34z Reply N:CQ iss
KO4AXL-10 KI4YWW-5 06/05 22:18:15z Send another 20.000:Hello de KO4AXL Lenoir nc{1
PU2LYJ-15 KO4AXL-10 06/05 22:17:35z Reply rej0
KO4AXL-10 KI4YWW-5 06/05 22:16:58z Send another Hello de KO4AXL lenoir nc{1
KO4AXL-10 KK4JMW-9 06/05 22:13:24z Send another Hello de KO4AXL Lenoir NC{1
KO4AXL-10 BLN0 06/05 22:11:32z Send another Cq aprs de KO4AXL mobile in lenoir nc{9
ANSRVR KO4AXL-10 06/05 21:56:29z Reply N:CQ 3 Messages Sent
KO4AXL-10 KJ4ERJ-12 06/05 21:56:29z Send another N:CQ hello de KO4AXL mobile in lenoir nc usa
KO4AXL-10 ANSRVR 06/05 21:56:29z Send another Cq cq hello de KO4AXL mobile in lenoir nc usa{39
KO4AXL-10 QRU 06/05 21:55:06z Send another RPT 100{8
KO4AXL-10 N4NT 06/05 21:20:25z Send another Hi de KO4AXL newton nc{1
N0SCK-10 KO4AXL-10 06/04 23:35:18z Reply Hi 73 de N0SCK Steve {2
KO4AXL-10 N0SCK-10 06/04 23:30:55z Send another Hello de KO4AXL{1
KO4AXL-10 VE2JPT-14 05/31 17:51:42z Send another Hello de KO4AXL newton nc. {1
KO4AXL-10 AF4RU-7 05/29 15:55:58z Send another Hi de KO4AXL hickory NC mobile{1
KO4AXL-10 KT0BEG-7 05/29 15:54:56z Send another 46.520:Hello de KO4AXL hickory nc{1
KO4AXL-10 QRU 05/28 01:33:24z Send another Echo 1000{7
KO4AXL-10 QRU 05/28 01:32:59z Send another ECHO 500{6
KO4AXL-10 QRU 05/28 01:31:09z Send another RP2M 500{5
QRU KO4AXL-10 05/28 01:30:16z Reply de KJ4ERJ-15:T2SRV(3) Max 4@500mi
KO4AXL-10 QRU 05/28 01:30:16z Send another INFO 500{4
KO4AXL-10 QRU 05/28 01:28:23z Send another RP2M{3
KO4AXL-10 QRU 05/28 01:27:13z Send another RPT{2
KO4AXL-10 QRU 05/28 01:25:34z Send another INFO{1