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KL3RR-2 KL5BO-7 06/15 02:22:20z Reply Greetings ham hiker... have a nice day{1i}
KL5BO-7 KL3RR-2 05/28 22:07:02z Send another t your test msg last night{07
KL3RR-2 KL5BO-7 05/28 21:53:24z Reply Beautiful day for a hike! Got your test msg last night{1e}
KL3RR-2 KL5BO-7 05/04 23:15:16z Reply salutations. how is the weather up there{0m}
KL3RR-2 KL5BO-7 04/21 01:54:56z Reply hello{0g}