KJ6LA-7 messages

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KM6FZJ-7 KJ6LA-7 05/21 03:00:00z Reply omg{08
KM6FZJ-7 KJ6LA-7 05/21 02:57:48z Reply omg{07
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/21 02:56:43z Send another Yyuuuuuuuu{2
KM6FZJ-7 KJ6LA-7 05/21 02:39:58z Reply Hi there{04
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/21 02:36:36z Send another Hi boo..testing{1
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/21 02:20:30z Send another Hi there booo!{1
KJ6LA-7 N2JNR 05/16 05:07:21z Send another Hi Dave!{03
KJ6LA-7 N2JNR 05/16 05:01:41z Send another Hi Dave!{02
KJ6LA-7 N2JNR 05/16 04:59:02z Send another Hi Dave!{01
KJ6LA-7 KM6ERG-1 05/12 18:56:27z Send another Very useful for short messages{19
KM6ERG-1 KJ6LA-7 05/12 18:51:24z Reply Thank you! I'm beginning to understand this now. {1
KJ6LA-7 KM6ERG-1 05/12 18:48:33z Send another Outstanding Welcome to APRS!{18
KM6ERG-1 KJ6LA-7 05/12 18:45:32z Reply Got it. Have disconnected Pinpoint from internet. Trying RF only.{1
KJ6LA-7 KM6ERG-1 05/12 18:41:24z Send another My APRS call is kJ6 LA-7{17
KM6ERG-1 KJ6LA-7 05/12 18:34:01z Reply Hmm, I saw your reCponse in the Comm monitor,but not in messages.{2
KM6ERG-1 KJ6LA-7 05/12 18:33:58z Reply Hmm, I saw your response in the Comm monitor,but not in messages.{2
KJ6LA-7 KM6FRG-7 05/12 18:28:57z Send another Hi Joe!{16
KM6ERG-1 KJ6LA-7 05/12 18:27:31z Reply Hi George, let's see if this works. {1
KJ6LA-7 N2JNR 05/11 02:53:13z Send another Hi Dave{15
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/10 02:13:46z Send another where am i?{14
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/10 02:03:37z Send another where am i?{13
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/10 02:01:46z Send another not yet{12
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/10 02:01:17z Send another not yet{11
KM6FZJ-7 KJ6LA-7 05/10 01:58:38z Reply d id u meSage me..{07
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/10 01:31:41z Send another Wow boo{10
KM6FZJ-7 KJ6LA-7 05/10 01:29:37z Reply hi bo o{05
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/10 01:27:06z Send another loZwxoo loo my oh my{09
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/09 02:12:38z Send another loo loo loo my oh my{08
KM6FZJ-7 KJ6LA-7 05/09 02:10:30z Reply doo doo doo my{03
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/09 02:09:33z Send another boo boo boo hi{07
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/09 01:49:20z Send another boo boo boo hi{06
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/09 01:49:08z Send another Hi Boo Boo{02
KJ6LA-7 KM6FZJ-7 05/09 01:45:54z Send another Hi Boo Boo{03
KM6FZJ-7 KJ6LA-7 05/08 05:07:28z Reply la la la{02
KM6FZJ-7 KJ6LA-7 05/08 04:58:05z Reply Hi Boo Boo{01