KI7RNF-9 messages

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KI7RNF-9 KI7RNF 07/28 21:42:12z Send another Test to mobile from cell{85ABB
KI7RNF-9 SMSGTE 07/22 04:10:56z Send another @ki7rnf test to receive{D92A3
SMSGTE KI7RNF-9 07/22 04:04:14z Reply @KI7RNF Got the message test{M2001
SMSGTE KI7RNF-9 07/22 04:04:02z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C2000
KI7RNF-9 SMSGTE 07/22 04:04:00z Send another @3603175914? Test mobile{73650
KI7RNF-9 KI7RNF 07/22 03:27:06z Send another Test is to mobile{BD4F5
SMSGTE KI7RNF-9 06/30 23:11:01z Reply @KI7RNF Rcvd{M9031
SMSGTE KI7RNF-9 06/30 23:10:47z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C9030
KI7RNF-9 SMSGTE 06/30 23:10:45z Send another @3603175914? Test nowifi{3B0BA
KI7RNF KI7RNF-9 06/26 22:46:03z Reply test mobile to ht{XM}
KC1HHO-9 KI7RNF-9 06/26 22:27:05z Reply Hello from Quincy MA USA{55
KI7RNF-9 KI7RNF 06/26 22:22:39z Send another Received ios vzw{03B01
KI7RNF-9 KI7RNF 06/14 19:51:47z Send another Test low power ht to mobile{8FDAC
SMSGTE KI7RNF-9 06/06 22:35:51z Reply @KI7RNF Got it{M5586
SMSGTE KI7RNF-9 06/06 22:35:41z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C5585
KI7RNF-9 SMSGTE 06/06 22:35:39z Send another @3603175914? Test antenna 5'{5C73D