KI7RNF messages

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KI7RNF-9 KI7RNF 07/28 21:42:12z Reply Test to mobile from cell{85ABB
SMSGTE KI7RNF 07/26 23:12:04z Reply @KI7RNF Got it from radio at cn85aq{M2624
SMSGTE KI7RNF 07/26 23:11:24z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C2623
KI7RNF SMSGTE 07/26 23:11:22z Send another @3603175914? test radio s e n d{74
KI7RNF SMSGTE 07/22 04:05:40z Send another test vhf mobile low power cn85lr{HF}
SMSGTE KI7RNF 07/22 04:03:28z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E1999
SMSGTE KI7RNF 07/22 04:03:27z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E1998
KI7RNF-9 KI7RNF 07/22 03:27:06z Reply Test is to mobile{BD4F5
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/29 16:29:08z Reply @KI7RNF Got test{M8891
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/29 16:29:05z Send another @3603175914? test delivered{NJ}
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/29 16:28:23z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C8890
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/29 04:44:13z Reply @3602983374 Got it{M8847
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/29 04:44:02z Reply Message to 3602983374 delivered{C8846
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/29 04:43:59z Send another @3602983374? test sms ki7rnf{XS}
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/29 03:34:23z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C8837
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/29 03:34:21z Send another @3603175914? test net still down no wifi{XR}
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/29 03:33:55z Reply The number 36031759:SMSGTE is invalid{E8836
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/29 03:33:55z Send another @36031759:SMSGTE :@3603175914? test net down still wifi{XQ}
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/29 03:19:40z Send another on this for 12/24 hours {XP}
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/29 03:19:30z Send another it comes back time is now 817pm :) you should be able to send back+{XO}
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/29 03:18:19z Reply Message to 6027081864 delivered{C8835
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/29 03:18:16z Send another @6027081864? hey its me, internet is down at home. ill txt ya when+{XN}
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/29 01:47:28z Reply @KI7RNF 1846 send txt back Ki7rnf{M8829
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/28 23:24:48z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C8806
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/28 23:24:46z Send another @3603175914? vhf packet to cell test {XM}
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/28 23:21:58z Send another reset a couple times and it might be the heat{XL}
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/28 23:21:30z Reply Message to 4357299210 delivered{C8805
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/28 23:21:28z Send another @4357299210? hey ryan here via radio :). is your internet up? iv+{XK}
KI7RNF KI7RNF-9 06/26 22:46:03z Send another test mobile to ht{XM}
KI7RNF-9 KI7RNF 06/26 22:22:39z Reply Received ios vzw{03B01
KI7RNF WHO-IS 06/26 20:25:54z Send another W7COA{HE}
WHO-IS KI7RNF 06/26 20:25:02z Reply G/Clifton O Allen/WA/United States{XB}HE
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/26 19:20:32z Reply @KI7RNF Got it thx{M8497
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/26 18:59:31z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C8485
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/26 18:59:29z Send another @3603175914? test fd message aprs desktop{HD}
KC1HHO-7 KI7RNF 06/14 20:03:47z Reply Hello from Boston {10
KI7RNF KI7RNF-5 06/14 19:59:18z Send another 12345{73
KI7RNF-9 KI7RNF 06/14 19:51:47z Reply Test low power ht to mobile{8FDAC
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/06 03:58:28z Reply @KI7RNF Got it{M5496
SMSGTE KI7RNF 06/06 03:54:09z Reply Message to KI7RNF delivered{C5495
KI7RNF SMSGTE 06/06 03:54:07z Send another @3603175914? test 2{UV}