KI7NNK-9 messages

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WXBOT KI7NNK-9 04/24 18:25:59z Reply Currently at Hanksville, Temp:50 wind:10@8,mostly cloudy{AT
KI7NNK-9 WXBOT 04/24 18:25:50z Send another Now{04
SMSGTE KI7NNK-9 04/24 03:50:16z Reply @anna Good night honey, love you{M7918
KI7NNK-9 SMSGTE 04/24 00:08:22z Send another @8014555392 character{03
SMSGTE KI7NNK-9 04/24 00:04:02z Reply Your position was sent to 4357709327{C7895
KI7NNK-9 SMSGTE 04/24 00:04:01z Send another #mapme 4357709327{02
SMSGTE KI7NNK-9 04/23 14:20:38z Reply Your position was sent to 435-770-9327{C7802
KI7NNK-9 SMSGTE 04/23 14:20:37z Send another #mapme 435-770-9327{3
SMSGTE KI7NNK-9 04/23 04:04:37z Reply Your position was sent to 8016415958{C7764
KI7NNK-9 SMSGTE 04/23 04:04:35z Send another #mapme 8016415958{2
WXBOT KI7NNK-9 04/10 18:15:26z Reply Temp:41 wind:0@0,clear{VM
WXBOT KI7NNK-9 04/10 18:15:21z Reply Currently at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City International Airport,{VL
KI7NNK-9 SMSGTE 04/10 18:15:12z Send another @8014555392 testing{1
KI7NNK-9 WXBOT 04/10 18:15:12z Send another Now{1