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KE6AFE-2 KI6ZHD-9 05/01 03:00:11z Reply Either way, still needs a printer to be of much use. 73{M0004
KE6AFE-2 KI6ZHD-9 05/01 02:59:11z Reply I'm told PAT can use the winlink Forms templates now too. {M0003
KE6AFE-2 KI6ZHD-9 05/01 02:54:11z Reply I see now. Looks interesting.{M0002
KI6ZHD-9 KE6AFE-2 05/01 02:53:34z Send another got it but google and see the manual. does everything{27
KI6ZHD-9 KE6AFE-2 05/01 02:50:58z Send another Leave a msg, I will return it!
KE6AFE-2 KI6ZHD-9 05/01 02:50:52z Reply No, David, I haven't. Have iOS phone here.{M0001
KI6ZHD-9 KE6AFE-2 05/01 02:48:35z Send another hey cap, have you heard of the WOAD winlink for android app? impres{26