KI5YK-1 messages

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KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 06/02 21:49:37z Reply test 3{28
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/31 12:11:16z Reply test 3{29
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/28 12:33:10z Reply test 3{27
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/26 19:11:36z Reply test 3{26
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/26 19:11:00z Send another test 3{ZK}
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/26 14:29:02z Send another ok 2{LX}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/26 14:27:44z Reply test{25
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/26 14:16:24z Send another ok{LW}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/26 14:15:30z Reply test{24
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/25 12:30:35z Reply test{21
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/25 12:30:10z Send another rcv 2{RP}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/25 12:29:20z Reply test2{22
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/20 12:44:50z Reply ok{20
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/20 12:44:25z Reply ok{19
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/18 12:52:16z Reply 210513 test 1{17
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/18 12:51:13z Reply 210513 test 1{18
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/14 17:14:51z Reply ht yes{16
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/14 17:08:07z Send another revd ok{ST}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/14 17:06:20z Reply reply ok?{15
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/13 17:48:18z Send another reply ok?{HK}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/13 17:47:39z Reply ok{14
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/13 13:12:43z Send another ok{UZ}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/13 13:11:40z Reply 210513 test 1{13
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/13 12:57:57z Send another 210513 test 1{UY}
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/12 15:13:25z Send another test 1{DT}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/12 15:10:54z Reply test today{12
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/11 19:32:11z Send another received{WG}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/11 19:31:44z Reply test{11
KI5YK-1 KB8UIH-10 05/11 18:40:37z Send another accidental re-center in APRSIS32.{OU}
KI5YK-1 KB8UIH-10 05/11 18:40:11z Send another thanks --- I'll fix that 73 KI5YK{OT}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/09 13:05:43z Reply test today{10
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/09 13:03:45z Reply test today{09
ANSRVR KI5YK-1 05/09 12:56:18z Reply No Memberships
CQSRVR KI5YK-1 05/09 12:56:18z Reply Not member of any group.{RO}ZY
KI5YK-1 CQSRVR 05/09 12:56:18z Send another L{ZY}
KI5YK-1 ANSRVR 05/09 12:56:18z Send another L{ZX}
KC1HHO-9 KI5YK-1 05/08 20:42:26z Reply ok -9 is on 24/7 here -7 when i am out mobile most of time 73 Peter{54
KI5YK-1 N4BOS-D 05/08 20:41:43z Send another test message from Chuck -- just getting APRS up and running. Saw+{YQ}
KI5YK-1 KC1HHO-9 05/08 20:39:54z Send another bench. 73 -- look for me again ssoon{YP}
KI5YK-1 KC1HHO-9 05/08 20:39:52z Send another thanks --- got to move it to final location. Currently on test+{YO}
KC1HHO-9 KI5YK-1 05/08 20:39:00z Reply seems to working fine.nice work!!{53
KI5YK-1 KC1HHO-9 05/08 20:37:56z Send another home QTH. Midland, MI{YN}
KI5YK-1 KC1HHO-9 05/08 20:37:55z Send another doing well. testing new install of APRS -igate and handheld at+{YM}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/08 20:33:42z Reply test today{06
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/08 20:33:08z Send another reply tesat ok{YL}
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/08 20:32:39z Reply test today{08
KI5YK-7 KI5YK-1 05/07 15:16:10z Reply test today{07
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/07 15:10:37z Send another test today{YM}
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/03 18:45:48z Send another reverse test{IQ}
KI5YK-1 KI5YK-7 05/03 18:37:32z Send another test{IP}