KI5MLR-9 messages

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KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 06/16 13:25:03z Send another @me TEST 2{008
KI5EXY-1 KI5MLR-9 05/20 13:40:14z Reply Test{1
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/13 00:35:19z Reply @me Working on alias.{M1287
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/13 00:34:48z Send another @me TEST ALIAS FUNCTION{092
KI5ICT-10 KI5MLR-9 05/11 23:34:35z Reply need to call it 73 for now see you around{M000a
KI5ICT-10 KI5MLR-9 05/11 23:34:02z Reply thanks for the great info {M0009
KI5ICT-10 KI5MLR-9 05/11 23:27:32z Reply sorry if your driving{M0008
KI5ICT-10 KI5MLR-9 05/11 23:27:06z Reply {M0007
KI5ICT-10 KI5MLR-9 05/11 23:26:49z Reply does it have a solid state transmit or does is have a relay click?{M0006
KI5ICT-10 KI5MLR-9 05/11 23:23:30z Reply Ive been looking at it for months.{M0005
KI5MLR-9 LOVE 05/11 23:19:20z Send another IT!{089
KI5ICT-10 KI5MLR-9 05/11 23:18:29z Reply good day How do you like the D578UV?{M0004
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/07 16:19:35z Send another @9493955190 sent from my radio.{003
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/07 16:17:13z Send another @3469706003 test{002
EMAIL-2 KI5MLR-9 05/07 16:11:32z Reply Email sent to{723
KI5MLR-9 EMAIL-2 05/07 16:11:31z Send another testing via radio.{001
EMAIL-2 KI5MLR-9 05/07 16:07:38z Reply Invalid Request!{722
KI5MLR-9 EMAIL-2 05/07 16:07:38z Send another test message.{000
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/07 01:18:31z Reply @3469706003 received{M449
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/07 01:17:59z Send another @3469706003 hello{000
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 22:46:04z Reply @2816909046 Got it{M256
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/05 22:44:47z Send another @2816909046 sending with radio. to reply, type @KI5MLR-9 then your {004
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 20:36:37z Reply @3469706003 hello back at ya{M227
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/05 20:33:59z Send another @3469706003 hello{003
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 19:36:18z Reply @3469706003 testing received{M220
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 19:23:31z Reply @3469706003 testing received{M215
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 19:20:19z Reply @3469706003 testing received{M213
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 18:42:01z Reply @3469706003 testing received{M205
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 18:40:42z Reply @3469706003 testing received{M204
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 18:37:59z Reply @3469706003 testing received{M203
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/05 18:37:34z Send another @3469706003 testing{002
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 18:14:12z Reply @3469706003 received.{M189
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 18:12:55z Reply @3469706003 received.{M188
SMSGTE KI5MLR-9 05/05 18:06:30z Reply @3469706003 received.{M184
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/05 17:55:27z Send another @3469706003 test{001
KI5MLR-9 SMSGTE 05/05 17:52:37z Send another @3469706003 TEST{000