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W0PHX-9 KG7FDW 09/24 13:51:43z Reply hello de{66
W0PHX-9 KG7FDW 09/24 13:47:55z Reply hello de{65
KG7FDW CQ 09/24 13:43:13z Send another Live Operator... message me...
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 09/02 21:54:51z Reply Email sent to{768
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 09/02 20:38:48z Reply Email sent to{767
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 09/02 20:38:48z Send another arrived {8
KG7FDW EMAIL2 09/02 20:36:16z Send another test {7
KG7FDW EMAIL2 09/01 18:56:46z Send another test {6
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 09/01 15:19:13z Send another Email sent to im here{5
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 09/01 15:18:36z Send another Email sent to garcKG7FDW>APK102,UNION,W7MOT-3*,WIDE2::EMAIL-2 :Email sent to im here{5
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 09/01 15:17:28z Reply No email address found!{775
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 09/01 14:52:52z Reply No email address found!{774
KG7FDW KE7JVX 08/31 13:36:13z Send another Live OP at keyboard... hit me up Yo!
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 08/31 13:10:11z Send another hi there test 4{4
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 08/31 13:09:11z Reply Email sent to{749
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 08/30 17:42:41z Reply Email sent to{748
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 08/30 17:42:41z Send another hi there{3
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 08/30 17:41:14z Reply Email sent to{747
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 08/30 17:41:14z Send another hi {2
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 08/30 17:38:39z Reply Email sent to{746
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 08/30 17:38:38z Send another{1
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 08/30 00:11:47z Send another test
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 08/29 23:51:05z Reply Message to failed{745
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 08/29 23:51:04z Reply Email sent to{744
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 08/29 23:51:04z Send another Hi{0
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 08/29 23:50:27z Reply Message to failed{743
EMAIL-2 KG7FDW 08/29 23:50:27z Reply Email sent to{742
KG7FDW EMAIL-2 08/29 23:50:27z Send another test{5
KG7FDW XE3N-1 08/19 12:31:41z Send another Hola! I've been to your QTH! Paradise...
XE3N-1 KG7FDW 08/19 12:24:42z Reply Hello via ISS!! 73
W9FJC KG7FDW 08/16 19:26:08z Reply all good here Tan Valley DM43{06
KG7FDW XE2JX 08/15 13:55:28z Send another Howdy from San Tan Valley, AZ DM43
KG7FDW KI4ASK-7 08/12 14:51:25z Send another i have always wanted to fox hunt... big fun!
KI4ASK-7 KG7FDW 08/12 14:45:51z Reply Hi from ATL EM73 via ISS{0
KG7FDW CQ 08/12 14:42:43z Send another Howdy from San Tan Valley AZ DM43... KG7FDW
KG7FDW CQ 08/11 18:06:59z Send another Howdy from San Tan Valley DM43
KG7FDW XE1MYO 08/05 03:34:04z Send another howdy
KG7FDW CQ 08/04 12:06:58z Send another cqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqcqc
KG7FDW N5IY 08/04 02:44:08z Send another howdy from sonora desert
KG7FDW KM4DFK 07/22 12:32:20z Send another Howdy from Sonora Desert!
KG7FDW KC7KGT-1 07/21 12:23:31z Send another im just figuring this stuff out... very cool...
KG7FDW WD9EWK 07/21 02:29:26z Send another howdy... this is really fun stuff...
KG7FDW K3RRR 07/21 02:25:43z Send another Howdy from Sonora Desert! UIRT working great!
WD9EWK KG7FDW 07/21 00:45:57z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {29
DB0LUH-1 KG7FDW 07/20 01:39:35z Reply rejUISS54}
KG7FDW BLNQSL2/2 07/20 01:39:35z Send another KF6RAL-12,N7UV-5,WX7FGZ-6,KG7KID-4,W7MOT-3{UISS54}
KG7FDW BLNQSL1/2 07/20 01:39:34z Send another WD9EWK,KC9YTT,KF0BMD-9,W0VFK-4,WA0D-12,W2KP-15,N7UV-9,KG7KID-6,