KC1OCA-7 messages

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KC1HHO-9 KC1OCA-7 08/13 22:14:04z Reply still too close i guess hear hunters only{GA}
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-9 08/13 22:09:08z Send another ON 7195
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-9 08/13 21:57:34z Send another ON 7265
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-9 08/13 21:55:10z Send another On 7265 now
KC1HHO-9 KC1OCA-7 08/13 21:27:37z Reply Alabama from the cape, nice.listening on 14260, not hearing you{08
KC1HHO-9 KC1OCA-7 08/13 20:55:11z Reply not hearing you{07
KC1HHO-9 KC1OCA-7 08/13 20:53:27z Reply on it now{06
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-9 08/13 20:52:44z Send another 28.305
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-9 08/13 20:49:41z Send another how about 10m i want to make sure we make contact
KC1HHO-9 KC1OCA-7 08/13 20:48:39z Reply no 6m antenna {04
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-9 08/13 20:47:52z Send another can you do 6m
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-9 08/13 20:47:36z Send another Ug, not reaching on 2m
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-9 08/13 20:45:43z Send another AA:Ack
KC1HHO-9 KC1OCA-7 08/13 20:43:41z Reply monitoring 520 & waiting to see your HF spot{03
KC1OCA-7 K4BW-12 08/10 23:30:43z Send another QSL?{66
KC1OCA-7 N3KTX-8 08/10 23:29:36z Send another CQ from FN41xt?{65
KC1OCA-7 WA1RF-9 08/09 15:24:47z Send another Nice weather today!{64
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 08/08 21:43:49z Send another BETWEEN THE SHEETS{63
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 08/05 11:18:43z Send another Nice weather today{62
KC1HHO-9 KC1OCA-7 07/31 22:39:42z Reply couldnt hear you on 40m, too close{98
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/31 19:44:44z Send another I am in K-4734, first time this park activated. 145.750MHz
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/30 18:48:04z Send another Dang, AC1JR is on @ K-8422 (Pope John Paul II Park)
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/27 20:40:11z Reply after 495 looks OK.{30
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/27 20:34:31z Send another storrow was?good{61
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/27 20:15:42z Send another Hoping for light traffic home{60
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/27 11:29:13z Reply I will be hunting for you! having fun with PO?A{28
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/27 11:23:05z Send another Hope To POTA this weekend{59
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/27 11:18:11z Reply last mile always aggravating.{27
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/27 11:12:39z Send another Storrow was a mess{58
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/27 11:11:53z Reply hello! traffic not too bad today.{26
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/27 11:08:07z Send another Good morning!{57
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/23 21:37:54z Send another U2{56
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/23 21:37:25z Reply have a good WE{25
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/23 12:00:53z Reply much speculation that this was happening to 40m.{24
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/23 11:51:29z Send another https://sites.google.com/view/soscubahamradio/home
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/23 11:26:28z Send another 10m and 30m{55
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/23 11:14:31z Reply all I've got right now is 40m.{23
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/23 11:06:40z Send another I got W4C on{54
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/23 11:05:31z Reply band conditions were the worst last night{22
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/22 18:04:23z Send another Hopfully for POTA sometime{53
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/22 12:26:36z Send another Your APRS message was good timing.
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/22 12:14:22z Reply maybe K1APE will join us?{19
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/22 11:53:53z Send another I am trying to show K1APE APRS! :-)
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/22 11:22:28z Reply i am having fun with pota. hunting{18
KC1OCA-7 KC1HHO-7 07/22 11:20:23z Send another Hello!{51
KC1HHO-7 KC1OCA-7 07/22 11:16:43z Reply good morning!{17