KC1KVY-5 messages

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KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 07/23 01:25:24z Reply ok 73{95
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/23 01:24:59z Send another ok{277
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 07/23 01:24:17z Reply thats good,something is up. {94
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/23 01:23:30z Send another out{276
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/23 01:23:22z Send another going to call it a night. 73!{275
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/23 01:22:54z Send another your radio sounded ok tonight. {274
WXBOT KC1KVY-5 07/23 01:15:55z Reply wind.{EQ
WXBOT KC1KVY-5 07/23 01:15:50z Reply Nutting Lake MA. Tonight,Mostly cloudy, with a low around 55. Calm{EP
KC1KVY-5 WXBOT 07/23 01:15:43z Send another 01821 full{31
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/23 01:07:56z Send another Is the radio working OK?{273
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/23 01:07:10z Send another had to use the tablet{272
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/23 01:06:58z Send another Tried my phone. no go{271
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/23 01:06:29z Send another Hello!{270
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 07/23 01:01:10z Reply Hello from Quincy MA USA{92
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 07/20 23:52:15z Reply radio appears to be ok.fingers crossed{88
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/20 01:52:28z Send another radio working? {269
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 07/20 01:52:03z Send another got it!{268
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 07/20 01:50:43z Reply please reply{85
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/27 19:10:07z Send another I think most of field day is over. I had 2 contacts. {77
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/27 19:09:30z Send another tuning up for FRN. {76
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/27 19:07:59z Send another sorry I'm late. dealing with in laws. {75
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/27 19:07:20z Send another 26 contacts! Great!{74
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/27 18:40:39z Send another going through. {267
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/27 18:40:27z Send another tried to reply to KC1HHO-7. It doesn't seem to be {266
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/27 17:41:56z Send another 29 Contacts! Great!{265
KC1HHO-7 KC1KVY-5 06/27 16:57:34z Reply 26 contacts yesterday{64
KC1HHO-7 KC1KVY-5 06/25 15:08:32z Reply HB OM!!{62
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/25 01:25:18z Reply 73{49
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:24:15z Send another Shutting down now. 73{264
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:21:05z Send another OK{263
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/25 01:18:58z Reply by all means CITN.It's all good{48
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:16:36z Send another your call{262
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:16:17z Send another I'm going to try to sent at least 1 on CITN. but have a few to go.{261
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:15:05z Send another good about Zen{260
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:14:52z Send another Do you want the traffic here? Or wait for better propagation on 40{259
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/25 01:14:27z Reply i worked Zen jusy b4 the net on 40{47
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/25 01:14:00z Reply RG numbers are respectable{46
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:13:04z Send another I had 1 contact on 20. Alex in FL{258
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:12:30z Send another yup!{257
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/25 01:12:06z Reply 40 is junk tonight {45
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:11:02z Send another good{256
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:10:52z Send another god numbers!{255
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/25 01:10:39z Reply 10 last night 5 today. {44
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:10:39z Send another not sure 40 is all that great tonight. {254
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:10:14z Send another I have another thru. domestic if you want it. {253
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:08:50z Send another great! nice to see the numbers up.{252
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/25 01:08:06z Reply good,we had some through go out and a net report.book traffic{43
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/25 01:06:22z Send another How was the net tonight? {251
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 01:14:03z Send another Thanks for the traffic! I'm done for tonight on HF. {250
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 00:34:38z Send another ok. your call{249
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/24 00:29:02z Reply aprs maybe .{41
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 00:28:15z Send another thanks for taking!!{248
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 00:27:45z Send another I will have another for Europe tomorrow. {247
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/24 00:27:27z Reply we'll give it our best try. {40
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 00:26:55z Send another Or you might send them via APRS? or not..{246
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 00:26:16z Send another them{245
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 00:26:12z Send another we can try passing then later..{244
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 00:25:33z Send another OK{243
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/24 00:25:19z Reply yes and i will be taking 3 for you{39
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/24 00:24:28z Send another Ok. Thanks! Bernie take it?{242
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/24 00:17:37z Reply your 426 sent on EM2MTN June 24 0015 UTC{38
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/11 01:27:13z Send another thanks for taking the nets this week!!{241
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/11 01:26:44z Send another I'll be home tomorrow night. {240
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/11 01:26:21z Send another just shut it down. have to dismantle the shack in the am{239
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/11 01:25:27z Send another I got three more contacts tonight. {238
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/11 01:24:55z Send another Thanks for sending that traffic off tonight.{237
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/10 01:03:44z Send another Thanks!{236
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 01:03:21z Reply got the email.i am net control tommorrow but i will send it {76
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/10 01:01:52z Send another thanks!{235
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/10 01:01:33z Send another ok. just sent you the last RG. to Brazil. {234
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:35:48z Reply RCVD{FW}
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/10 00:33:20z Send another OK. I'll send in in a few minutes. {233
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:32:39z Reply EMAIL{FV}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:30:45z Reply rej232
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/10 00:30:35z Send another I have one more. want it here or email?{232
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:28:23z Reply rej231
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-9 06/10 00:28:13z Send another message received{231
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/10 00:26:10z Send another Did Berne take them?{73
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/10 00:24:54z Send another Thanks! Got two returns today on MARIPN from DL4FN{72
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:23:10z Reply NS\PETER KC1HHO END NO MORE{FU}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:22:40z Reply 73{FT}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:22:39z Reply N1\YOUR\401\402\TRAMSMITTED\TO\KC1MSN\ORS\EM2MTN\JUNE\10\0014\UTS\+{FS}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:21:16z Reply rejĘ
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:21:07z Reply NR\KC1KVY{FR}
KC1HHO-9 KC1KVY-5 06/10 00:20:44z Reply N#\606\R\KC1HHO\13\QUINCY MA\JUNE 9{FQ}
KC1HHO-7 KC1KVY-5 06/09 17:48:20z Reply book of 2 rcvd.will inform you of disposition asap. 73{99
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/08 17:53:17z Send another got it. I'll try to get it out. {71
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/08 17:46:05z Send another it might be. we'll see how today goes. {70
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/08 17:38:32z Send another nevermind. got it!{69
KC1HHO-7 KC1KVY-5 06/08 17:24:44z Reply just having some serious FUN!!! {96
KC1HHO-7 KC1KVY-5 06/08 17:11:45z Reply she does attend the hf nets you go to? cx if its a problem.{95
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/08 17:00:56z Send another what is this?{68
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/08 17:00:14z Send another ok{67
KC1HHO-7 KC1KVY-5 06/08 14:06:51z Reply correction 605 / ARL 4,not 5{94
KC1HHO-7 KC1KVY-5 06/08 13:24:24z Reply NS\Peter KC1HHO{93
KC1HHO-7 KC1KVY-5 06/08 13:22:52z Reply N#\605\R\KC1HHO\ARL 5\QuincyMA\June8 NA\KW1U N1\arl\forty\six\73{92
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/07 17:42:10z Send another it takes time to go through{64
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/07 17:41:45z Send another especially if I'm passing traffic {63
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/07 17:41:23z Send another I'd like it to work always{62
KC1KVY-5 KC1HHO-7 06/07 17:27:09z Send another Yikes!! Glad I'm here. {58