KB6LTY-3 messages

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KB6LTY-3 N7NEV 12/08 23:49:32z Send another QSL JAMES 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
N7NEV KB6LTY-3 12/08 23:49:07z Reply 73 Christy!
KF0DST-7 KB6LTY-3 11/30 00:27:28z Reply HELLO 73 DE adan dm79{13
KF0DST-7 KB6LTY-3 11/30 00:27:22z Reply HELLO 73 DE adan dm79{12
KC9ELU KB6LTY-3 10/23 13:53:52z Reply Tnx Christy - 73!
KB6LTY-3 KC9ELU 10/23 13:39:17z Send another HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 10/18 15:58:35z Send another NA1SS,KF6BL,N6RVI-6,N7ZYS-6,KB7JJG-5,PSAT2-1{UISS54}
KF6BL KB6LTY-3 10/18 15:57:34z Reply qsl pse rrr
N7ZYS-6 KB6LTY-3 10/18 15:56:32z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS DN18
KF0BMD-9 KB6LTY-3 10/18 14:20:21z Reply 250 Bytes Rcvd Via ISS QSL DM79{77
KK5MV-14 KB6LTY-3 10/16 14:16:44z Reply QSL IN TEXAS! JIM
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 10/15 15:00:59z Reply TNX QSL 73
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG-9 10/15 14:59:09z Send another HELLO JACK QSL? 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
AJ4BB-2 KB6LTY-3 10/15 03:56:56z Reply 73 and thanks for the contact!{0E}
XE1GLA KB6LTY-3 10/15 00:01:31z Reply QSL 73
AJ4BB-2 KB6LTY-3 10/14 23:56:43z Reply hi from matt in dn11eh pse qsl{0C}
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 10/14 22:17:47z Reply cn87{86
AJ4BB-2 KB6LTY-3 10/14 17:27:01z Reply hello heard u thru iss pse qsl{05}
KF6BL KB6LTY-3 10/14 15:49:48z Reply qsl
AJ4BB-2 KB6LTY-3 10/14 15:48:11z Reply thanks and 73 fr qso via iss{02}
N6DAN-9 KB6LTY-3 10/13 23:08:08z Reply Hello Christy{89
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 10/13 23:06:58z Reply TNX/73! {27
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 10/13 23:06:55z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {25
W7BAZ KB6LTY-3 10/13 21:32:28z Reply 73 from Michigan 73 from Michigan {92
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 10/13 21:30:11z Send another DX3MYA,N7ZYS-6,NA1SS,KM6LYW{UISS54}
N7ZYS-6 KB6LTY-3 10/13 21:29:04z Reply Hello from Chewelah, WA. DN18
KF0BMD-9 KB6LTY-3 10/13 16:41:55z Reply 250 Bytes Rcvd Via ISS QSL DM79{67
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 10/13 16:38:28z Send another DX3MYA,NA1SS,N6RVI-6,N7ZYS-6,K6BIR{UISS54}
KJ7MIV-7 KB6LTY-3 10/13 00:28:17z Reply QSL DM33
KJ7MIV-7 KB6LTY-3 10/12 23:57:28z Reply Hello dm33{1
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG-9 10/12 15:48:38z Send another cold here winds yesterday 73 kb6lty
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 10/12 15:47:41z Reply Cold and very windy
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 10/12 15:45:36z Reply Hello Christy from Jack in DM42
KB6LTY-3 KC7MG-9 10/12 15:45:33z Send another HELLO JACK QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 10/12 15:45:27z Reply Greetings from Grid DM42
WA7GJZ KB6LTY-3 10/11 23:01:14z Reply Hi via ISS
KF0BMD-9 KB6LTY-3 10/11 18:16:32z Reply 250 Bytes Rcvd Via ISS QSL DM79{62
NJ3H KB6LTY-3 10/11 18:13:44z Reply Hello via ISS
KE7RTB-7 KB6LTY-3 10/11 18:10:01z Reply cn87{53
AB0XE KB6LTY-3 10/11 16:38:45z Reply QSL tnx for contact to EN34
AB0XE KB6LTY-3 10/11 16:37:46z Reply Hello from EN34
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 10/11 16:31:29z Reply TNX for call. DM34/DM44 in AZ {22
N6DAN-9 KB6LTY-3 10/10 23:53:47z Reply TNX FOR CALL{84
N6DAN-9 KB6LTY-3 10/10 23:53:08z Reply Hello from Dan{83
N7ZYS-6 KB6LTY-3 10/10 17:33:26z Reply Thanks Christy for the contact! 73
N7ZYS-6 KB6LTY-3 10/10 17:26:05z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 10/10 17:20:09z Reply TNX for call. DM43 in AZ {11
KF0BMD-6 KB6LTY-3 10/10 00:40:46z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{82
W7QL KB6LTY-3 10/09 18:12:19z Reply RR 73
W7QL KB6LTY-3 10/09 18:10:38z Reply THANKS AND 73, CHRISTY
W7QL KB6LTY-3 10/09 18:10:07z Reply HI BILL
KB6LTY-3 6D1CRG 10/09 16:34:08z Send another HELLO QSL?? 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KE4AZZ KB6LTY-3 10/09 16:33:23z Reply de KE4AZZ{9M}
KC7MG-9 KB6LTY-3 10/08 17:20:02z Reply Greetings from Arizona Grid DM42
6D1CRG KB6LTY-3 10/08 17:18:59z Reply RRR 73
6D1CRG KB6LTY-3 10/08 17:18:06z Reply QSL?
W6DTW-7 KB6LTY-3 10/08 02:24:14z Reply Hw? W6DTW{1
K9JKM KB6LTY-3 10/07 18:11:08z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
KB0VBZ-6 KB6LTY-3 10/07 01:00:47z Reply Hi from Rick in DM78
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL2/2 10/06 18:58:04z Send another KB0VBZ-6,KF0BMD-7,KB0VBZ{UISS54}
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/2 10/06 18:58:02z Send another NA1SS,N6RVI-6,SUNSET,KF0BMD-6,KC5ILO-10,KF0BMD-9,WA5EEZ-2,
KF0BMD-9 KB6LTY-3 10/06 18:55:07z Reply 250 Bytes Rcvd Via ISS QSL DM79{40
K6MOX KB6LTY-3 10/05 04:39:49z Reply Out playing{4
N9SIR-1 KB6LTY-3 10/04 10:50:34z Reply Heard your station on Oct 2, 1884.8 miles 73 Tony{1B}
XE2RV KB6LTY-3 10/04 03:50:53z Reply RRR/73 DL55...{28
WD9EWK KB6LTY-3 10/04 03:48:47z Reply TNX/73! {3
KB6LTY-3 WD9EWK 10/04 03:48:36z Send another HELLO VIA ISS QSL?? 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
N6UTC-6 KB6LTY-3 10/04 03:43:16z Reply Hi Christy{47
N6UTC-6 KB6LTY-3 10/04 03:43:14z Reply Hi Christy{46
KB6LTY-3 KC9YTT 10/03 21:20:25z Send another HELLO QSL TNX 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KC9YTT KB6LTY-3 10/03 21:20:07z Reply Good to see you on ISS
AG7OO-9 KB6LTY-3 10/03 21:18:42z Reply QSL AG7OO CN87{89
KC9YTT KB6LTY-3 10/03 19:42:45z Reply Hi Christy!!
KB6LTY-3 KC9YTT 10/03 19:42:28z Send another QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
KC9YTT KB6LTY-3 10/03 19:42:05z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
KB6LTY-3 N6UTC-6 10/03 19:39:42z Send another HELLO QSL 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
N7NEV-6 KB6LTY-3 10/03 04:37:47z Reply QSL. DM43 in AZ.{14
KB6LTY-3 BLNQSL1/1 10/03 04:37:35z Send another N6UTC-6,W1FRD-7,KB7JJG-5,N6RVI-6,NA1SS,N7NEV-6{UISS54}
KB7JJG-5 KB6LTY-3 10/03 04:36:33z Reply Hello from Arizona dm34{m002v
KB7JJG-5 KB6LTY-3 10/03 04:36:14z Reply Hello from Arizona {m002u
KB7JJG-5 KB6LTY-3 10/03 04:36:04z Reply Hello from Arizona {m002t
N6UTC-6 KB6LTY-3 10/03 04:36:00z Reply Greetings from N6UTC de DM03{39
KE4AZZ KB6LTY-3 10/03 03:02:36z Reply 73{9B}