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W1GTT-4 KB1MCT 06/10 01:02:33z Reply Hello from SC!
KB1MCT W1GTT-4 06/10 00:26:29z Send another 73 sir!{JD}
KB1MCT AJ6HO 06/09 20:01:26z Send another np{TL}VF
AJ6HO KB1MCT 06/09 20:01:03z Reply TNX{VF}TK
KB1MCT AJ6HO 06/09 19:57:15z Send another it works ;){TK}
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 08:56:33z Send another give it a shot when you get a chance, easy to connect to any+{WO}DH
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 08:38:14z Reply i have not yet {DH}WN
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 08:20:58z Send another have you tried Droidstar on your phone yet?{WN}DG
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 08:20:29z Send another pretty easy once you get used to it{WM}DG
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 06:57:53z Reply not looking forward to it {DG}WL
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 06:54:31z Send another especially with learning the new system lol.{WL}DF
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 06:53:07z Reply no problem it happens{DF}WK
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 06:52:07z Send another sorry dude got busy{WK}DE
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:55:36z Reply i can switch to dmr plus{DE}WJ
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:51:51z Send another a static TG in BM{WJ}DD
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:51:50z Send another i dont think you can use DMR tgs on BM, it wont let me set TG3 as+{WI}DD
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:46:48z Send another standby for incoming in 30 secs{WH}DD
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:46:05z Reply how about north america tg 3 {DD}WG
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:43:38z Reply i have the ct ares list {DC}WG
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:43:23z Reply dont think so could add when i stop for gas. {DB}WG
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:43:13z Send another right now lol{WG}DA
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:43:13z Send another i didnt put 3172 in the radio and dont feel like reprogramming it+{WF}DA
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:42:17z Send another do you have BM CT tg?{WE}DA
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:41:56z Reply im up{DA}WD
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:16:45z Reply shut the truck off {CZ}WD
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:16:44z Reply its fighting me on the reboot i forgot to shut it down before i+{CY}WD
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:16:08z Send another ok lemme change modes{WD}CX
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:15:26z Reply northeast {CX}WC
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:14:44z Send another what talkgroup? ill change mine from dmr plus to brandmiester.{WC}CW
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:14:13z Reply lol rgr mine is rebooting pit stop. i have it on brandmaster {CW}WB
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:12:24z Send another ill show you my setup tomorrow night and how i have it set up.{WB}CV
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 05:10:35z Send another just plugged my hotspot in 30 seconds ago actually{WA}CV
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 05:10:21z Reply aAre you up with DMR ? {CV}VZ
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 04:32:51z Reply sweet {CU}VZ
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 04:20:47z Send another Quinn{VZ}CT
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 04:17:48z Reply who am i working with tomorrow?{CT}FP
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 04:16:37z Reply cant wait ... {CS}FP
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 04:01:37z Send another nice! NEXGEN awaits you!{FP}CR
KC1KOC-10 KB1MCT 05/26 04:01:10z Reply long and boring{CR}FO
KB1MCT KC1KOC-10 05/26 03:58:45z Send another hows virginia??? ;){FO}
KB1MCT KC1KOC-9 04/27 03:40:52z Send another w1oem will route messages to you{VN}
KC1KOC-9 KB1MCT 04/27 03:40:36z Reply recieved{04
KB1MCT KC1KOC-9 04/27 03:32:45z Send another Testing 12345{VM}
KB1MCT KC1KOC-9 04/27 03:31:49z Send another Corn?{VL}