KB1CRN-9 messages

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KB1CRN-9 KC1KOC-9 06/04 08:38:18z Send another Good morning and 73{77
KB1CRN-9 KE1IU-9 06/03 21:45:11z Send another Howdy{73
NA1CN-3 KB1CRN-9 05/29 14:49:12z Reply I'll read this later!
KB1CRN-9 NA1CN-3 05/29 14:48:58z Send another Howdy{67
KB1CRN-9 N1MLG-3 05/21 21:48:09z Send another Hi{59
KB1CRN-9 W1HAF-9 05/01 15:49:36z Send another Good morning and 73{41
KB1CRN-9 N1MIE-3 05/01 15:48:35z Send another Good morning{40