KA4DMV-12 messages

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KA4DMV-12 W4RRL-5 04/18 16:21:49z Send another Ah{052B9
W4RRL-5 KA4DMV-12 04/18 16:13:08z Reply -5 ill try to send you a msg there{08}
W4RRL-5 KA4DMV-12 04/18 16:10:54z Reply i think the difrance is the computer is just w4rrl and the igate is{07}
KA4DMV-12 W4RRL-5 04/18 16:10:33z Send another Huh interesting{3985D
W4RRL-5 KA4DMV-12 04/18 16:10:24z Reply i didnt get a responce. but i got it here on the igate im testing{06}
W4RRL-5 KA4DMV-12 04/18 16:08:42z Reply yeah man i tried to msg you on a program on my computer{05}
KA4DMV-12 W4RRL-5 04/18 16:03:54z Send another Yoooo{D8A36
KA4DMV-12 W4RRL-5 04/18 16:03:51z Send another Yooooo{01847
KA4DMV-12 W4RRL-5 04/18 16:03:49z Send another This thing work?{605CF