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WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 06:30:24z Reply Log off successful{1045
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 06:30:23z Send another B{70
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 06:29:59z Reply Message sent to: kw6gb@winlink.org{1044
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 06:29:58z Send another /EX{69
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 06:29:27z Send another (Omaha, NE){68
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 06:27:58z Send another K9CTO, John, Ankeny, Polk, IA (APRS){67
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 06:23:58z Reply New message to: kw6gb@winlink.org. Send /EX when complete.{1043
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 06:23:58z Send another SP WL1 Winlink Wednesday Check In{66
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 06:21:50z Reply Hello K9CTO. Login valid for ~2 hours{1042
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 06:21:50z Send another 08Bgz7{65
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 06:21:06z Reply Login [245]:{1041
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 06:21:05z Send another L{64
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:56:16z Reply 2) 06/16/2021 02:45:12 Winlink Wednesday Roster Published (2 June 2{1028
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:55:08z Send another B{63
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:49:10z Reply s{1027
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:49:02z Reply 1) 06/16/2021 02:45:12 Winlink Wednesday Reminder (#248) 13949 byte{1026
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:48:50z Reply se a "Telnet Winlink" connection (which defeats the purpose of Winl{1025
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:48:40z Reply ticipate in one or both of the P2P sessions below. Please do not u{1024
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:48:31z Reply ly. Send a check-in via any RMS during the time frame above, or par{1023
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:48:22z Reply Wed - 0359 Thu) HOW: This net will accept check-ins via Winlink on{1022
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:47:42z Reply Wednesday WHEN: Wednesday, 9 June 2021, 0000-2359 EDT (UTC: 0400{1021
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:47:32z Reply ny type, please). WHO: All amateur radio operators WHAT: Winlink{1020
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:46:53z Reply ndard check-ins this week (no weather snapshots or attachments of a{1019
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:46:14z Reply also on the web at https://winlinkwednesday.net/reminder.html) Sta{1018
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:46:02z Reply y (Episode #248) *** ** PRIMARY NCS - KW6GB ** (This reminder is{1017
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:45:52z Reply Winlink Wednesday Reminder (#248) Fm:KW6GB Msg:*** Winlink Wednesda{1016
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:45:47z Send another L{62
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:43:17z Send another R4{61
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:42:46z Reply Message 3 Deleted{1015
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:42:24z Send another K3{60
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:41:36z Reply oday. 73, KW6GB, Greg, Front Royal, Warren, VA (VHF){1014
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:40:57z Reply ne 2021). The net report and full roster will be published later t{1013
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:40:20z Reply irmation message Thank you for checking into yesterday's net (9 Ju{1012
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:40:10z Reply Winlink Wednesday Net Confirmation (Episode #248) Fm:KW6GB Msg:Conf{1011
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:40:10z Send another R3{59
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:39:22z Reply Message 2 Deleted{1010
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:39:22z Send another K2{58
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:38:51z Reply KW6GB, Greg, Front Royal, Warren, VA (VHF){1009
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:38:36z Reply Tuesday. Thank you for participating in Winlink Wednesday. 73,{1008
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:38:28z Reply held on Wednesday, 16 June 2021. I will distribute a reminder on{1007
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:38:21z Reply (also linked at https://winlinkwednesday.net) Our next net will be{1006
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:38:12z Reply articipant map is available at: https://tinyurl.com/WWcurrentmap{1005
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:38:04z Reply w available at: https://winlinkwednesday.net The current week's p{1004
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:37:55z Reply W6GB Msg:Greetings, The current week's net report and roster is no{1003
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:37:45z Reply Winlink Wednesday Roster Published (9 June 2021, Episode #248) Fm:K{1002
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:37:44z Send another R2{57
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:37:18z Reply Message 1 Deleted{1001
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:37:17z Send another K1{56
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:36:32z Reply Freq Operator Location Primary KW6GB{1000
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:36:23z Reply gh ONLY ONE of these stations: Status Station Dial{999
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:36:17z Reply ol Stations - Morning P2P Session Only Please check in throu{998
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:36:10z Reply 0), ARDOP P2P, Several frequencies (see chart below). Net Contr{997
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:36:04z Reply TO-PEER SESSIONS: Morning session: 0730-0930 EDT, (UTC: 1130 - 133{996
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:35:56z Reply dnesday.net/reminder.html This week's Net Control Stations: PEER-{995
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:35:49z Reply details for this week's Winlink Wednesday net at: https://winlinkwe{994
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:35:41z Reply 0400 Wed - 0359 Thu) ICS-213 check-ins this week. Please see the{993
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:35:33z Reply y (Episode #249) *** Wednesday, 16 June 2021, 0000-2359 EDT (UTC:{992
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:35:25z Reply Winlink Wednesday Reminder (#249) Fm:KW6GB Msg:*** Winlink Wednesda{991
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:35:25z Send another R1{55
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:34:49z Reply Hello K9CTO. Login valid for ~2 hours{990
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:34:49z Send another 0Bime9{54
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:33:57z Reply Login [356]:{989
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/16 02:33:57z Send another L{53
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/16 02:33:16z Reply You have 5 Winlink mail messages pending{988
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/02 18:11:08z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 1 attempts remaining{213
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/02 18:11:08z Send another L{52
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/02 17:07:43z Send another L{51
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/02 17:06:06z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{212
WLNK-1 K9CTO 06/02 16:39:39z Reply Login [715]:{211
K9CTO WLNK-1 06/02 16:28:40z Send another L{50
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 01:10:22z Reply Log off successful{1628
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/27 01:08:54z Send another B{49
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 01:06:11z Reply Message sent to: kw6gm@winlink.org{1627
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/27 01:06:11z Send another /EX{48
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/27 01:04:12z Send another K9CTO, John, Ankeny, Polk, IA (APRS) (OR){47
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/27 01:01:01z Send another SP WL1 Winlink Wed Check in{46
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 01:00:02z Reply New message to: kw6gm@winlink.org. Send /EX when complete.{1626
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:58:26z Reply Unknown request. Send ? for help{1625
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:58:15z Reply 021, Episode #244) 12358 bytes{1624
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:58:06z Reply 5) 05/27/2021 00:51:54 Winlink Wednesday Roster Published (12 May 2{1623
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:57:59z Reply s{1622
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:57:51z Reply 4) 05/27/2021 00:51:54 Winlink Wednesday Reminder (#245) 13143 byte{1621
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:57:40z Reply 021, Episode #245) 12635 bytes{1620
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/27 00:57:27z Send another SP{45
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:56:58z Reply 3) 05/27/2021 00:51:54 Winlink Wednesday Roster Published (19 May 2{1619
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:56:21z Reply 2) 05/27/2021 00:51:54 APRSLink: Packet Retries 1822 bytes{1618
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:55:34z Reply s{1617
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:51:54z Reply 1) 05/27/2021 00:51:54 Winlink Wednesday Reminder (#246) 14095 byte{1616
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/27 00:51:54z Send another L{44
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/27 00:26:29z Send another 0j8miw{43
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/27 00:24:29z Reply Login [246]:{1612
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/27 00:24:29z Send another L{42
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/26 14:32:07z Send another b{41
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/26 14:30:27z Reply New message to: kw6gb@winlink.org. Send /EX when complete.{1580
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/26 14:30:27z Send another SP kw6gb@winlink.org Winlink Wednesday Check-in{40
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/26 14:26:31z Reply Unknown request. Send ? for help{1578
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/26 14:26:31z Send another SP{39
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/26 14:21:52z Reply Hello K9CTO. Login valid for ~2 hours{1577
K9CTO WLNK-1 05/26 14:19:32z Send another 02Bj6i{38
WLNK-1 K9CTO 05/26 14:17:43z Reply Login [315]:{1576