K7MT-6 messages

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KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 05/04 14:54:32z Reply qsl{29
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 05/04 14:54:29z Reply qsl{28
K7MT-6 Heard 05/04 13:21:06z Send another VA7SHG-6,KE7RTB-7,KM6LYW,KF0BMD-6,KB9VIC-9,W0VFK-4,NA1SS
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 05/04 13:20:46z Reply cn87{25
K7MT-6 Heard 05/04 13:19:21z Send another VA7SHG-6,KE7RTB-7,KM6LYW
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 05/03 15:47:45z Send another GM CHRISTY LOOKING GOOD BILL DN46 MONTANA
K7MT-6 Heard 05/03 15:46:18z Send another NG7N-7,VA7SHG-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-9,VE7PCH-9,KB6LTY-3,KF0BMD-6,
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 05/03 15:46:12z Send another GM CHRISTY LOOKING GOD BILL DN46 MONTANA
KB2M-4 K7MT-6 05/03 14:11:36z Reply good morning fr el99
K5DNA K7MT-6 05/03 14:10:28z Reply 73s from EM35{10
K7MT-6 Heard 05/03 14:10:19z Send another NG7N-7,VA7SHG-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-9,VE7PCH-9,KB6LTY-3,KF0BMD-6
K7MT-6 Heard 05/03 14:08:38z Send another NG7N-7,VA7SHG-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-9,VE7PCH-9,KB6LTY-3
K7MT-6 Heard 05/03 14:08:17z Send another NG7N-7,VA7SHG-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-9,VE7PCH-9
AI4LL-6 K7MT-6 05/02 15:02:21z Reply HOWDY FROM JACK IN VA EM97XA
K7MT-6 WA6RLR-3 05/02 14:58:49z Send another GM DOUG FROM BILL IN MONTANA
K7MT-6 Heard 05/02 14:56:12z Send another W1QC
K7MT-6 Heard 05/02 14:55:55z Send another VE7PJG-7,VA7SHG-6,K7MT-14,VE7OK-9,NA1SS,KF0BMD-11,W7BMH-2,WA6RLR-3,
K7MT-6 Heard 05/02 14:54:11z Send another VE7PJG-7,VA7SHG-6,K7MT-14,VE7OK-9,NA1SS
K9NBG K7MT-6 05/02 13:22:28z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{37
K9NBG K7MT-6 05/02 13:21:37z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS from IL{35
K9NBG K7MT-6 05/02 13:21:15z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{33
K9NBG K7MT-6 05/02 13:21:06z Reply Heard you via ISS in Illinois!{34
K7MT-6 Heard 05/02 13:20:58z Send another VA7SHG-6,KJ7TLV,K7MT-14,NA1SS,KF0BMD-6,VA3PMK,K9NBG
VA7SHG-6 k7mt-6 05/02 13:18:52z Reply QSL & 73! VA7SHG in CN99AE
K7MT-6 Heard 05/02 13:18:14z Send another VA7SHG-6,KJ7TLV,K7MT-14,NA1SS,KF0BMD-6
K7MT-6 VA7SHG-6 05/02 13:17:46z Send another GM Doug Bill DN46 Montana
WA6RLR K7MT-6 05/01 15:46:17z Reply DM13ek in San Clemente, CA
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 05/01 15:43:14z Send another GM Christy Stay well .. Bill
VA7SHG-6 K7MT-6 05/01 15:42:14z Reply I heard you via ISS in Chilliwack, BC CN99AE
K7MT-6 Heard 05/01 15:41:49z Send another VA7SHG-6,N6RVI-6,KJ7TLV,K7MT-14
K7MT-6 Heard 05/01 14:07:34z Send another PSAT-1,VE7PCH-9,NA1SS,VA7SHG-6,VE7WYC,K9ILU-9,VA3PMK,KF0BMD-6,
K7MT-6 Heard 05/01 14:07:14z Send another PSAT-1,K7MT-14,VE7PCH-9,NA1SS,VA7SHG-6,VE7WYC,K9ILU-9,VA3PMK,
K7MT-6 Heard 05/01 14:05:05z Send another PSAT-1,K7MT-14,VE7PCH-9,NA1SS,VA7SHG-6,VE7WYC
K7MT-6 Heard 05/01 12:32:41z Send another NA1SS,K7MT-14,KF0BMD-6
KF0BMD-9 K7MT-6 04/30 14:55:21z Reply Msg Rcvd Via ISS QSL Good{64
K7MT-6 Heard 04/30 13:18:25z Send another VA7SHG-6,AB0XE-6,NA1SS,KF0BMD-6,KB9VIC-9,K7MT-14
K7MT-6 Heard 04/30 13:16:40z Send another VA7SHG-6
K7MT-6 Heard 04/29 17:20:53z Send another KC7MG-9,N1UW,WA0D-12
K7MT-6 Heard 04/29 17:19:16z Send another K7MT-14,VE7FED-12,KE7RTB-7,NA1SS,KB6LTY-3,KF0BMD-9,KF0BMD-6,
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 04/29 15:40:55z Send another GM Christy fm DN46 Montana all is well !!
K7MT-6 Heard 04/29 14:03:22z Send another K7MT-14,KE7RTB-7,KF0BMD-6
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/29 14:01:43z Reply gOod {02
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/29 14:01:10z Reply cn87{01
K7MT-6 Heard 04/29 12:27:47z Send another VA7SHG-6,NA1SS,N6RVI-6,K7MT-14
K7MT-6 Heard 04/28 16:28:00z Send another KE7RTB-7,NA1SS,K7MT-14,AG7OO-9,KJ7TLV-9,VA7SHG-6,W7BMH-2,AB0XE-6
K7MT-6 Heard 04/28 13:17:10z Send another KE7RTB-7,NA1SS,VE8CK,KF0BMD-6,W1QC,K9ILU-9,K7MT-14,WA2FHJ
K7MT-6 Heard 04/27 14:01:56z Send another VA7SHG-6,KE7RTB-7,NA1SS,K7MT-14
K7MT-6 Heard 04/27 14:00:27z Send another VA7SHG-6,KE7RTB-7
KE7RTB-7 K7MT-6 04/27 14:00:14z Reply cn87{66
K7MT-6 Heard 04/26 19:40:00z Send another KE7RTB-7,K7MT-14,NA1SS,KB6LTY-3,N6RVI-6,N7NEV-6
KB2M-4 K7MT-6 04/26 18:07:47z Reply good afternoon fr el99
K7MT-6 Heard 04/26 18:04:59z Send another AG7OO-9,K7MT-14,KF0BMD-6,W6TKD,N6RVI-6,N7NEV-6,KD9OIN-9,KF0BMD-7,
N7NEV-6 K7MT-6 04/26 18:03:37z Reply DM43 in AZ.{30
K7MT-6 Heard 04/26 18:02:47z Send another W6TKD,NA1SS
K7MT-6 Heard 04/26 18:02:34z Send another KB6LTY-3,KB9IQX-7,KJ7TLV-9,WB7VUF-7,AG7OO-9,K7MT-14,KF0BMD-6,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/26 18:02:29z Send another W6TKD
WB7VUF-7 K7MT-6 04/26 18:01:29z Reply :Live OP!Hello Frm So. Or. CN82{7
K7MT-6 Heard 04/26 18:01:22z Send another KB6LTY-3,KB9IQX-7,KJ7TLV-9
K7MT-6 KB6LTY-3 04/26 18:00:49z Send another Hi Christy bill in dn46 Stay well..
K7MT-6 Heard 04/22 19:38:09z Send another K7MT-14,K3RRR,KF0BMD-9
K7MT-6 Heard 04/22 19:36:15z Send another AG7NR,KB9IQX-7,KF0BMD-7,KF0BMD-6,AG7UN-7,NA1SS
K7MT-6 Heard 04/22 17:59:39z Send another K7MT-14,AG7NR,KF0BMD-7,VE7FED-12,KF0BMD-6
K7MT-6 Heard 04/22 16:23:20z Send another K7MT-14,NA1SS,KD0KZE
KF0BMD-6 K7MT-6 04/22 14:49:43z Reply QSL - Packet received via ISS here in Denver,CO DM79NR
KF0BMD-6 K7MT-6 04/22 14:49:18z Reply Got your msg here in Denver via ISS 73’s
K7MT-6 Heard 04/22 14:47:31z Send another KE7RTB-7,N6RVI-6,NA1SS,W6TKD,KF0BMD-6,KC9YTT
KF0BMD-6 K7MT-6 04/22 14:46:23z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{39
K7MT-6 KC9YTT 04/22 14:46:10z Send another Howdy from Bill Space Case in Mt. DN46
K7MT-6 Heard 04/22 14:43:30z Send another KE7RTB-7,N6RVI-6,NA1SS,W6TKD,KF0BMD-6
K7MT-6 Heard 04/22 14:42:34z Send another KE7RTB-7,N6RVI-6,NA1SS,W6TKD
K7MT-6 Heard 04/22 14:41:35z Send another KE7RTB-7,N6RVI-6,NA1SS
K7MT-6 Heard 04/21 20:23:27z Send another K7MT-14,WB7VUF-7,NA1SS,KJ7UET-7,AG7LR,AG7OO-9,N6RVI-6
K7MT-6 Heard 04/21 18:47:52z Send another NA1SS,K7MT-14,AG7OO-9,W1QC,KB9IQX-7,KF0BMD-6,KF0BMD-7
K7MT-6 Heard 04/21 18:46:01z Send another NA1SS,K7MT-14,AG7OO-9,W1QC
KE0LX K7MT-6 04/21 16:00:32z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS EN25 MN
K7MT-6 Heard 04/21 15:43:57z Send another VE7EPT,AG7UN-7,KE7RTB-7,VE7FED-12,N6RVI-6,NA1SS,K7MT-14,KF0BMD-6
K7MT-6 Heard 04/21 15:36:07z Send another VE7EPT,AG7UN-7,KE7RTB-7,VE7FED-12,N6RVI-6,NA1SS,K7MT-14
KF0BMD-6 K7MT-6 04/20 21:11:58z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{31
K7MT-6 AG7UN-7 04/20 19:36:13z Send another Hi Christy. Stay Well. Bill DN46
K7MT-6 ALL 04/20 19:35:41z Send another All it takes is Ingenuity !!!!!
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 19:33:44z Send another K7MT-14,VE7OK-9,VE7PJG-7,AG7UN-7,KB6LTY-3,W7YTF-8,KE0LX
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 19:33:34z Send another KE7RTB-7,VE7EPT,VE8CK,KB9IQX-7,NA1SS,K9ILU-9,KC0KVX-9,WB8JAY,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 17:59:36z Send another KE7RTB-7,VE7EPT,VE8CK,KB9IQX-7,NA1SS,K9ILU-9
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 17:57:35z Send another KE7RTB-7,VE7EPT,VE8CK,KB9IQX-7,NA1SS
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 16:22:39z Send another KE7RTB-7,VE7EPT,K7MT-14,KC6WPK-9,AG7OO-9,KK7NXS-7,NA1SS,KF0BMD-6
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 16:19:20z Send another KE7RTB-7,VE7EPT,K7MT-14,KC6WPK-9,AG7OO-9,KK7NXS-7
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 14:45:43z Send another KK6CUS-1,N6RVI-6,KE7RTB-7,W5SAT-6,W6TKD,KF0BMD-7,WA0D-12
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 14:45:26z Send another KK6CUS-1,N6RVI-6,KE7RTB-7,KF0BMD-6,W5SAT-6,W6TKD,KF0BMD-7,
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 14:45:13z Send another KK6CUS-1,N6RVI-6,K0CFI,KE7RTB-7,KF0BMD-6,W5SAT-6,W6TKD,KF0BMD-7,
KF0BMD-6 K7MT-6 04/20 14:42:00z Reply Msg Rcvd QSL 73'{28
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 14:41:23z Send another KK6CUS-1,N6RVI-6,K7MT-14,K0CFI,KE7RTB-7,NA1SS
K9YO K7MT-6 04/20 13:08:52z Reply Heard nr Chicago EN62 QSL?
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 13:07:57z Send another AB0XE-6,KD0UHS,NA1SS,N8JR,K5DNA,WB0JIV,KE0LX,K9YO,WB8JAY,KD0KZE,
KD0UHS K7MT-6 04/20 13:05:59z Reply UR 59 in Kansas EM29PD 73 via ISS
K5DNA K7MT-6 04/20 13:05:15z Reply 73s from EM35{30
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 13:05:09z Send another AB0XE-6,KD0UHS,NA1SS
K7MT-6 Heard 04/20 13:04:44z Send another AB0XE-6
K7MT-6 Heard 04/19 20:27:44z Send another KJ7UET-7,AG7OO-9,KE7RTB-7,KM6LYW,KF0BMD-7,K5DNA,KB0VBZ-6,KF0BMD-9
K7MT-6 Heard 04/19 20:26:51z Send another KJ7UET-7,NA1SS,AG7OO-9,KE7RTB-7,KM6LYW,KF0BMD-7,K5DNA,KB0VBZ-6,
KF0BMD-9 K7MT-6 04/19 20:26:45z Reply Msg Rcvd Via ISS QSL Good{22