K6ELK-14 messages

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K6ELK-14 KN6KIX-9 06/07 13:42:19z Send another Thanks your a fast driver.{6C08D
KN6KIX K6ELK-14 05/30 12:49:37z Reply It's all good. Just testing the APRS.Fi app.{6B3A9
K6ELK-14 W6SMV 05/30 04:30:33z Send another Hey what's up{E2583
K6ELK-14 KN6KIX 05/30 04:28:03z Send another Sorry just seen this hope the day went well{23C21
K6ELK-14 W6SMV 05/10 21:21:30z Send another Hey wake up{04C64
K6ELK-14 KF6KMX-9 04/22 22:34:28z Send another Hey listening to simplex 147.555{7FAEB
K6ELK-14 W6SMV-6 04/19 20:04:53z Send another Be careful my song taco to you later.{35798
K6ELK-14 W6SMV-6 04/19 19:59:41z Send another Hey there hope the lunch was good{4E7DC