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K5YKG KI5ICT-10 05/13 01:46:48z Send another reliable path. Need professionals who have access to tall towers.{18
K5YKG KI5ICT-10 05/13 01:46:03z Send another Then check qrz.com for my address on map. I have no elevation for{18
K5YKG KI5ICT-10 05/13 01:44:37z Send another Sorry for reply delay. Been out of shack. Check out arednmesh.org{18
KI5ICT-10 K5YKG 05/13 01:22:45z Reply i would be interestd in trying for get some nodes up{M000d
KI5ICT-10 K5YKG 05/13 01:22:04z Reply I say a mgs about AREDN. Ive bee research for weeks now{M000c
K5YKG KI5HKP 05/10 20:05:32z Send another RGR 73{18
KI5HKP K5YKG 05/10 20:03:22z Reply R 73{1
K5YKG KI5HKP 05/10 15:30:00z Send another 76 in July here. Great hobby helped in Navy & BellTel career!{18
KI5HKP K5YKG 05/10 15:28:03z Reply I've only been alive for 35 years.{1
K5YKG KI5HKP 05/10 15:12:02z Send another Been icensed 62 yrs but no one close enough to AREDN network with.{18
KI5HKP K5YKG 05/10 15:09:15z Reply I got licensed to play with networks but they all seem dead{1
K5YKG KI5HKP 05/10 15:04:56z Send another I have no tower/elevation & no commercial connections.{18
K5YKG KI5HKP 05/10 15:03:30z Send another AREDNMESH.ORG click on MAP. Not accurate but no path for me!{18
KI5HKP K5YKG 05/10 14:57:11z Reply I want to set one up but ony if there are other active nodes nearby{1
K5YKG KI5HKP 05/10 14:51:52z Send another I have several nodes but no line-of-site paths.{18
KI5HKP K5YKG 05/10 14:41:49z Reply r u still running an AREDN node?{1
K5YKG AB5WX-5 04/11 04:03:32z Send another You're welcome. Don't remember anyQSO though! 73.{18
AB5WX-5 K5YKG 04/11 03:42:10z Reply Thanks fer the contact! de AB5WX{4