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W5KDP-7 K5BZI-1 06/19 22:13:42z Reply W5KDP EL19{62
K5RZU-7 K5BZI-1 05/20 18:41:46z Reply thanks,Im learning aprs{02
K5RZU-7 K5BZI-1 05/20 18:36:07z Reply Hello{04
K5RZU-7 K5BZI-1 05/20 18:34:23z Reply thanks,Im learning aprs{03
K5RZU-7 K5BZI-1 05/20 16:43:17z Reply thanks,Im learning aprs{01
K5BZI-1 N5YAR-7 04/22 19:50:13z Send another Hi! Glad to see you on APRS!!-Ray.{1
N5YAR-7 K5BZI-1 04/22 19:47:58z Reply Hello hello!{0F}1
K5BZI-1 N5YAR-7 04/22 19:47:22z Send another Hi There!{1
K5BZI-1 KI5MGD 04/22 19:44:28z Send another Hi Bryan! Glad to see you on APRS! 73. -Ray.{1
K5BZI-1 KI5MGD 04/22 19:00:10z Send another Hi Bryan! Good to see you on APRS!!73. -Ray.{1
K5BZI-1 KI5MGD 04/22 18:57:05z Send another Hi Bryan! Good to see you on APRS!73. -Ray{1