K3MRV-7 messages

fromtotime message
KB6LTY-3 K3MRV-7 05/03 15:49:55z Reply HELLO 73 DE CHRISTY DM14
WXBOT K3MRV-7 05/01 17:57:06z Reply Heavy Rain 100% High 72{FT
WXBOT K3MRV-7 05/01 17:57:01z Reply 3 Miles N Lago Vista TX. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,{FS
WXBOT K3MRV-7 05/01 17:52:54z Reply in 100% High 72{FQ
WXBOT K3MRV-7 05/01 17:52:49z Reply 3 Miles N Lago Vista TX. Flash Flood Watch, This Afternoon,Heavy Ra{FP
K3MRV-7 WXBOT 05/01 17:52:42z Send another {28
K3MRV-7 K3MRV-1 04/28 21:26:06z Send another test{27
K3MRV-7 K3MRV-1 04/12 21:44:58z Send another test{26
KC1HHO-9 K3MRV-7 04/11 00:45:26z Reply roger roger qsl 73{55
K3MRV-7 KC1HHO-9 04/11 00:43:35z Send another thx 73! {25
KC1HHO-9 K3MRV-7 04/11 00:42:51z Reply i hope all works out with your system. {54
K3MRV-7 KC1HHO-9 04/11 00:41:03z Send another ah yes! duh. was trying to msg my rpi digipeater{24
K3MRV-7 KC1HHO-9 04/11 00:38:37z Send another still new to aprs{23
KC1HHO-9 K3MRV-7 04/11 00:38:30z Reply yes on messages.you sent a "test"{53
K3MRV-7 KC1HHO-9 04/11 00:36:31z Send another Lovely! howd u find me aprs.fi?{22
KC1HHO-9 K3MRV-7 04/11 00:34:21z Reply spring has arrived here,great day.windows are open!!!{52
K3MRV-7 KC1HHO-9 04/11 00:32:41z Send another hi from EM10! Austin,TX area. good eve!{21
KC1HHO-9 K3MRV-7 04/11 00:31:13z Reply Hello from Quincy MA USA How are you?{51
K3MRV-7 K3MRV-1 04/11 00:25:42z Send another test{20
K3MRV-7 N4822C 04/11 00:21:27z Send another hi from EM10! {19
K3MRV-7 K3MRV-1 04/11 00:17:52z Send another test{18
K3MRV-7 K3MRV-1 04/11 00:17:32z Send another test{17