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WHO-IS K2SCH 09/08 06:00:55z Reply C/Parsippany Races/NJ/United States{RH}IA
K2SCH WHO-IS 09/08 06:00:55z Send another KD2CJM{IA}
EMAIL-2 K2SCH 09/08 05:59:48z Reply Email sent to blusnoop@gmail.com{34}HZ
K2SCH EMAIL-2 09/08 05:59:47z Send another blusnoop@gmail.com test 2{HZ}
EMAIL-2 K2SCH 09/08 05:41:22z Reply Email sent to blusnoop@gmail.com{33}RL
K2SCH EMAIL-2 09/08 05:41:22z Send another blusnoop@gmail.com test{RL}
N1MID-9 K2SCH 07/29 17:38:36z Reply Saw u on APRS from Hanover.{1