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WHO-IS G7HJX-6 06/01 15:02:55z Reply B/David Raybould/England{579
G7HJX-6 WHO-IS 06/01 15:02:55z Send another G7HJX{241A5
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/27 18:41:47z Reply DIGIPI{0
WLNK-1 G7HJX-6 05/24 07:58:32z Reply Log off successful{1435
G7HJX-6 WLNK-1 05/24 07:58:31z Send another B{C0087
WLNK-1 G7HJX-6 05/24 07:58:11z Reply Hello G7HJX-6. Login valid for ~2 hours{1434
G7HJX-6 WLNK-1 05/24 07:58:11z Send another eogttr{4DDB1
WLNK-1 G7HJX-6 05/24 07:56:50z Reply Invalid login challenge response -- 2 attempts remaining{1433
G7HJX-6 WLNK-1 05/24 07:56:50z Send another Eogrdd{02350
WLNK-1 G7HJX-6 05/24 07:56:20z Reply Login [923]:{1432
G7HJX-6 WLNK-1 05/24 07:56:20z Send another R{4BB2B
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/23 21:02:49z Reply AA:Hi, thanks for message, unattended at present.
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/23 21:02:00z Send another Ok{19F4A
KC1HHO-9 G7HJX-6 05/23 20:50:11z Reply rejE853C
G7HJX-6 KC1HHO-9 05/23 20:49:58z Send another Cheers, good to meet you...{E853C
KC1HHO-9 G7HJX-6 05/23 20:47:44z Reply hope you get some sunshine.we are having an early summer here{12
G7HJX-6 KC1HHO-9 05/23 20:46:10z Send another Sounds grim, fingers crossed for you{BF379
KC1HHO-9 G7HJX-6 05/23 20:45:35z Reply tree pollen all over everything,green dust.need rain wash it away{11
G7HJX-6 KC1HHO-9 05/23 20:40:21z Send another For shipping cost you can have ours :){26CC3
KC1HHO-9 G7HJX-6 05/23 20:39:43z Reply we could use some rain but no reason to beg for it.{10
G7HJX-6 KC1HHO-9 05/23 20:38:38z Send another That's good, WX here is awful, buts it's England hi hi{B1B57
KC1HHO-9 G7HJX-6 05/23 20:37:56z Reply hope your testing goes well.all good here.nice WX.{09
G7HJX-6 KC1HHO-9 05/23 20:36:38z Send another Hi Quincy, I'm good thanks{F4D47
KC1HHO-9 G7HJX-6 05/23 20:36:04z Reply Hello from Quincy MA USA How are you?{08
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/23 20:35:30z Send another Testing{32260
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/23 20:34:16z Reply A{0
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/23 20:32:23z Send another Test IC709{3224D
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/17 13:00:08z Send another Ok{9A8D2
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/17 13:00:08z Send another Ok{C5788
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/17 12:51:05z Send another Ok{5DDED
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/17 12:49:48z Reply rej9A8D2
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/17 12:41:35z Reply B{4
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/17 12:37:44z Send another Test reply{EEBA1
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/17 12:29:51z Send another Test{5F6EE
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/17 12:29:00z Reply B{3
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/17 12:23:24z Reply A{2
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 20:10:18z Send another Igate{E9A2F
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 20:01:54z Send another Mode?{8C942
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/16 20:01:38z Reply J{5
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/16 20:00:22z Reply I{4
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 19:59:21z Send another Mode?{53EAC
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 19:58:59z Send another Mode?{9E0BC
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/16 19:58:30z Reply H{3
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 19:54:17z Send another Issues x1{9186D
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 19:53:10z Send another Issues{AAFFA
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 19:46:13z Send another Test APRS{E89DD
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:50:24z Send another Test APRS.fi{98F0A
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:43:36z Send another C{108E9
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/16 17:43:20z Reply B{5
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:39:38z Send another Testing rx{9996C
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:36:42z Send another Test{56158
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:25:02z Send another Reply{F4485
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 05/16 17:23:56z Reply A{4
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:22:43z Send another Testing pi{68FB0
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:21:10z Send another Digi test RX tx{8E9C5
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:06:29z Send another Digi testing tx{0807C
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 17:05:04z Send another Digi testing{7CC86
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 16:57:34z Send another Test{C538E
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 16:56:37z Send another Test{69482
G7HJX-6 G7HJX-9 05/16 16:56:16z Send another Test{02F79
G7HJX-6 G7HJX 04/14 07:15:19z Send another AOK😀{3
G7HJX-6 G7HJX 04/14 07:14:16z Send another AOK{2
G7HJX-6 G7HJX 04/14 07:09:36z Send another Test 3{4
G7HJX-9 G7HJX-6 04/14 07:07:50z Reply Test 4{B9A5D
G7HJX-6 G7HJX 04/12 21:01:15z Send another Test{1