EA5HFG-9 messages

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EA5HFG-9 IS0IAT-14 05/31 14:07:20z Send another 73 de Juan!{22
EA5HFG-9 OE8NDR-8 05/26 12:27:25z Send another 73 de Juan!{21
EA5HFG-9 EA3HSI-8 05/18 15:17:43z Send another 73 de Juan! Valencia{20
EA5HFG-9 EA7JRS-9 05/08 11:10:06z Send another 73 de Juan!{19
EA5HFG-9 EA6XQ-9 05/07 08:12:37z Send another 73 de Juan!{18
EA1QV-5 EA5HFG-9 05/06 15:48:23z Reply dime si te llega esto{TM}
EA5HFG-9 OE8DLK-9 04/26 20:04:09z Send another 73 de Juan!{17
2E1EBX-6 EA5HFG-9 04/19 07:47:19z Reply Hi from Norfolk UK JO02fw 73 {81
EA6XQ-15 EA5HFG-9 04/19 07:46:13z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
EA6XQ-15 EA5HFG-9 04/19 07:44:22z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
EA5HFG-9 EA6XQ-15 04/19 07:44:22z Send another 73 de Juan!{13
9H1FF EA5HFG-9 04/14 08:27:49z Reply Greetings from Malta de Fred - Stay Safe